YUM YUCK Releases New Single | LIGHTHOUSES

YUM YUCK Releases New Single | LIGHTHOUSES

YUM YUCK recently released a brand new single entitled LIGHTHOUSES. The single comes after the release of his previous single, ‘Never Gonna Give It Up’ earlier this year.

LIGHTHOUSES is the third offering of 2019 from YUM YUCK, the latest project from multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Pascal Righini (The Plastics). A dreamy, Alt Pop piece about romance and friendship, the single was written in October 2018. Inspired by a new piece of gear he bought, YUM YUCK started playing around on his new Korg Volca Sampler when the song and groove started taking shape.

“LIGHTHOUSES is colourful, groovy and smooth but with some jagged edges. The song feels like the emergence of firefly from a deep dark cave, and sounds like an open highway of neon lights and icicles.” says YUM YUCK.

It also features YUM YUCK‘s signature, silky, lush, multi-textured production with an existential romantic slant to the lyricism. What makes it different is the simplified groove of the song and the guitar work that brings a grounded quality to the music. The song was also co-produced by Joshua Luke Berry (Twin Weaver, HONEYMOAN) and Josh‘s impact on the song is felt through the song’s dream-like quality and modern sounds.

“People who like music that makes them feel like they are in a specific place would be able to identify with the song; it is nighttime driving music to play loud while navigating the open road.”

YUM YUCK is currently working on an album set for release in January 2020, with more singles and remixes to follow throughout 2019.

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