What is Fashion?


The words fashion and clothing are used interchangeably in modern day language; however fashion is the curation of different styles of dress, jewellery, ornaments and can even be seen as a manner of behavior. Things that are popular are usually regarded as fashionable and trendy.

“Fashion intimately reflects society, what’s happening economically and emotionally is illustrated to us through the way we present ourselves to the world.”

Popular individuals in society are the catalysts for this mind shift in the consumption of aesthetically pleasing clothing. Times are always changing and none so is different in fashion. People have an array of choices of what they deem is good in fashion, or do they?  Or do people go to stores and have been brainwashed about what to buy, not necessarily because they love the product but because the product has been deemed “fashionable”?

vantagepoint2Has fashion become a way in which to keep people modern and uniform? Maybe, what is individuality and authenticity if you have a shirt or dress that you share with 100’s of other people. In instances like these fashion functions as one solution solves all.

That’s why I feel that style is more important than fashion. Style is individuality personified, its selecting the items that resonate best with your personality and identity. Simply put style is items put in an eclectic manner. Style doesn’t chase trends nor does style ask for approval from society.

Why does there have to be so much fashion in the 21st century?

Thanks to the internet we live in a global village where it is easy to access things that are happening currently across the globe. The abundance of information that the internet has allowed us has made us connect to products anywhere at any time and fashion just so happens to be our second skin, many would regard as a necessity. – People are becoming more educated about everything.

Fashion trends can change weekly as what may be seen popular in one continent can easily infiltrate other continents through the internet and other social media platforms. On a social level fashion can be a very powerful tool in communicating a particular message to individuals or groups. These communication tools can be stretched to magazines and televisions where fashion is just segmented to a single offering that can be viewed by an audience who share a particular interest in fashion.

The 21st century is all about the masses, whether it’s mass marketing, mass media and mass production one thing is very clear that all things produced are for a large number of people and the fashion business thrives on this notion.

The possible future of fashion

The future of fashion may lie in style, as the more and more people get educated about things (particularly fashion) the more they will search for  what  they like and what they deem as fashionable. The growth of online shopping shares the same ideals as people can find what they want and in some instances even create what they would like to wear. Society will start having a much bigger voice on what is being done by government and big multinational cooperation’s.



In concluding fashion is an integral part of society, it’s reflective of the times. Fashion is what drives most industries and mass consumption.  For many there is no life without fashion; fashion designers, bloggers, magazine writers, photographers, directors, stylists, marketers and make-up artists are just some of the jobs created by fashion. There is definitely more passion, love, thinking and dedication than what meets the eye when it comes to the fashion we consume.

Style may be the new Fashion in a global village, where we have access to things that were once foreign at a click of a button . The era of individuality of niche marketing and clothing items not made for everyone. Online shopping, Phone Applications driving the consumption of what fashion is to be become. Instead of making things uniform for everyone we might be heading to an era where things are different for everyone, after all it is the difference in people that makes things and life beautiful.vantagepoint1

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