We catch up with Mr Sakitumi – Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

We catch up with Mr Sakitumi - Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

2014 has been a crazy year for Mr Sakitumi, who has been all over the world with various projects that he works on. He is a man that is driven by music, with an expressive way of showcasing it. He released his Sweet & Sour vol.1 EP earlier this year, which was a very experimental product of this talented musician. He now drops his Sweet & Sour vol2 EP, which has some more of the same but also different.. in the end, you will be dancing! We also had the chance to catch up with Mr Sakitumi, this is what went down:

Mr Sakitumi

We catch up with Mr Sakitumi - Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

MA: Hi there..nice to chat to you again good sir…

Hello once again, from one volume to the next 😉

MA: How has 2014 been treating you thus far?

2014 has been an exciting year of traveling through music. So far, i went to Reunion with Ej von Lyrik, UK and Canada with Jeremy Loops, Egypt and Lebanon with Zaki Ibrahim. The Grrrl and I are currently in Europe, starting with Ze Berlin.

MA: How was Sweet & Sour Vol.1 do? Did people like the new sound?

I didn’t receive any hate mail, so i guess people were up for an experimental change in direction from my side 😉

I did have a close friend/producer noting that it was rather ‘different’ coming from me, but he meant it in an encouraging way. The ‘sour’ tracks have been going down pretty well at live gigs, so that’s been fun.

MA: You now have Sweet & Sour Vol.2 releasing…what can we expect with this EP?

The similar theme of contrasts, with fresh new tracks (harder, grittier and faster) contrasted with the intimate piano/ orchestral versions of those same tunes. I have my fastest produced track to date ‘space fortune cookie (sour)’ which clocks in at a leisurely 180BPM (but it also has a half time feel at times). I’m excited to say that there is a track featuring the vocal talents of the Grrrl!…. ‘Mr & Grrrl (sour) feat. the Grrrl’ . um…the title kind of repeats what i just said, well you get the idea. We’re also having a bit of fun in this song.

We catch up with Mr Sakitumi - Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

MA: Will you be doing any tour for the EP? 

Currently in Europe at the moment and have some shows planned for Amsterdam and Berlin, along with some electronic music workshops that we’ll be doing, setup by Ableton (the music software that i use). We’re back in SA for Oppikoppi and are working on a tighter show with some fun electronic toys and ideas to unleash with this EP.

MA: For those who have never heard any of your production, please describe your ‘sound’ in 5 words…


MA: Are there any other project that you are working on that we might be interested in?

Closet Snare, a live jazz/electronic band that the Grrrl and I are also involved in. It has amazing musicians (Lee Thomson, Mark Buchanan and Jonno Sweetman). We had a band line up change a while ago and with the current lineup, we began writing newer material. It’s actually sounding super dope. we started recording each instrumentalist in stages for the new release. I’ve taken on the role of producing this and it’s a really exciting process.

MA: Is there any artist you still wish to work with in the future?

I’d love to work with Bjork

We catch up with Mr Sakitumi - Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

We catch up with Mr Sakitumi - Sweet & Sour vol.2 EP [interview]

MA: Where can we follow you?


MA: Lastly, any advice for young, ambitious producers out there?

Time is your biggest commodity in the music business. Just start putting stuff out there. Don’t always spend ages waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment to let it go.

– Therefore, the more you do something, the better you can get at it- Mr Sakiyumi

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