We catch up with local legend Chris Chameleon


When I was growing up, one thing was certain, there was this one South African musician who made music like no other, he goes by the name Chris Chameleon! This guy’s career spans across an epic 25 years and has done many incredible thing in that time. From being the frontman in the band BOO! to doing his own thing as a solo artist. One would find it hard to believe that one man could possibly be making all those crazy and catchy tunes by himself! What a gifted individual! Today we had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him about his latest release “Posduif” which is a collaboration between himself and¬†Daniella Deysel, a true masterpiece! take a read below and get to know the man behind the music a little better..

MA: Hi Chris. First of all, thanks for your time. Please tell us a little bit more about your journey from where you began to now (After your time with BOO!).

The 70’s were a dark green and faded orange maze of waiting a full year for the next Christmas, the 80’s were about hoping school would finish soon, a few scratched records and what seems to have been dub-step way before its time in the 90’s, seeing if i can put the pieces together and reinvent in the naughties and nowadays discovering that there is still a whole universe of darkness to scurry through for the foreseeable future.

MA: Over your career spanning across 2 decades, you have become somewhat of a household name in South Africa, what would you say has been the most memorable moment of your career?

The most memorable event of my last 25 years in showbiz will not have been worth its memory as I am vaguely aware that the moments most worthy of remembrance are those lost in the explosive din of their unfolding.

MA: In all this time, the local music industry has changed quite a bit, what would you say has been the most noticeable change in the industry?

That it has ceased to exist, due to the fact that musicians, unlike butchers and car makers sell something you can get for free. The really nice thing about that is one can now afford to care less and actually venture into some real stuff instead of what ‘the market’ requires. Artistically, it’s very liberating. Fortunately there still is live, but since so much of what is labeled ‘live’ consists of loops and samples generated in a studio somewhere in the past, only to be regurgitated at the push of a button on a stage in front of adoring attendees to what is in fact a glorified form of karaoke, even this has become a farce of epic, albeit laughable proportions and, once again, the merry spinoff is a great opportunity to stand out by merely pulling off the basics like a magnolia in a concrete jungle.

MA: I have always known you as a solo artist, what was the thought process behind POSDUIF?

I am pleased to report that there is very little in the way of ‘thought process’ in my work. I suspect the mind is a hostile environment for the creative spirit, inhibiting it, contriving its offerings and skewing its expression. The heart, however, is eden, and as far as that is concerned, I’d say the heart process behind Posduif has been about not being self aware and serving the song, in stark contradiction to the general demands of what is a very self glorifying line of work.


MA: Please tell us how you and Daniella Deysel came together to make this album?

The more she wrote, the closer I came to her, the more I sang, the closer she came to me until we moved into one another and spontaneously produced what is in reality a solo effort consisting of what is labeled two identities only for the needs of legal jargon.

MA: On a more personal note, if you are not busy making music, what are you most likely doing?


MA: Where can people follow you?

*Looks over shoulder, sees 70 000 followers. Breaks out in a paranoid sweat. Hides*

This guys is a LEGEND! That’s all!


Photo credit: Stoompomp / Jaco Bothma

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