THE DRIFT -Album Cover

THE DRIFT -Album Cover

Aaah Holy Hell! The madness has been unleashed and it comes in the form of the band from Jozi, THE DRIFT, and their Album entitled: ‘Dreams of Deluge’.

To start things off and to be completely honest with you, I did not know anything about this band and I personally think it might be a good thing as it does not affect my reviewing of this album, but don’t get me wrong on the ‘Not Knowing Who The Band Is’ part, because what a joy it is to discover a band like this in SA, doing their own thing and loving it so much while doing it (it’s almost like finding a diamond in the rough). WE NEED MORE BANDS LIKE THIS!

So getting back to the album at hand, ‘DREAMS OF DELUGE’. I must compliment the team who produce the album for it is done with finesse and precision, like that of German engineers. Each track is well placed and I don’t know if the band or the producers decided on this, because when listening to the album you get this feeling that the band is telling you a story or even taking you on a journey and because of this, it makes it so exciting and easy to listen to the album (like when you were a kid excited for bed time stories with mom and dad).

Production Team:

  • Producers: Jared Gunston and Louis du Pisani (who is also the vocalist of the band)
  • Assistant Engineering: Riaan Bothma
  • Mixing and Mastering: Josh Schroeder
  • Additional Editing: Aaron Pace of Keeping Pace Recordings.

The Band has a unique sound and it comes through on the album, but there are hints of other bands like Lamb of God, Chimaira and maybe even some Machine Head that comes through in their style of play and sound. This I feel is a good thing and it makes the listener realise where the band comes from and the intent they have of taking over the metal scene in SA. Their sound is heavy but fluent yet rib cage shattering and brilliant. This album is just jam packed with great guitar riffs, face melting guitar solos, mind altering drum rolls with epic double bass and powerful ear-gasmic vocal.

THE DRIFT - Artwork and Logo

THE DRIFT – Artwork and Logo

Listening to this album you realise actually why no other band in SA would have been more properly suited to open for Lamb of God (when they toured SA). The Drift has the same ruthlessness and brutal madness than that of Lamb of God or any other Metal band for that matter and because of that they come at you like a Jet-Fighter Hawk.

This band gives the listener and fans their all, which makes you enjoy the album even more. These guys mean business in the metal scene and they nail you with the Horns like a pissed off Triceratops. I must say I love their own unique mixture of groove metal/trash metal/nu metal that they play and that just makes you want to pull out the Head-banger Card and get rough baby!

So in conclusion a SOLID album from a awesome (kinda newish) Metal band in the SA Music Scene. These guys are going places and if you would like to catch them live do so at the up and coming Krank’d Up Music Festival featuring the International Heavy Metal giants Unearth and Protest The Hero, happening op the 27Th September 2014 at Sundowners Alberton Johannesburg.

THE DRIFT - Krank'd Up Music Festival

THE DRIFT – Krank’d Up Music Festival

Follow the band and Get Festival info here:

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