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Awoke early on Saturday morning. It’s here, the day is finally here (cannot contain excitement). X-Fighters finals in my home town of Pretoria, South Africa. I have been so excited about this event and watching it through the year, seeing the amazing tricks and sick style of the riders, it could only be the event of the year. Arriving at the Union Buildings it was clear that the rest of Pretoria and surrounding areas were out in full force with an estimated 22, 000 people showing up to the event. A crowd of happy, smiling beautiful souls all there to have their minds blown by the insanity that was about to unfold.

After a couple of Red Bulls, a bunch of laughs and a stroll around it was time. HELLZ YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

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I head round to get a good spot, sort my camera settings and get ready to snap. The smell of fuel fills my nose, the roar of the bikes ringing in my ears, the buzz in the crowd is electric. As the riders start off on their runs, pulling all there sickest tricks out the bag. Pure insanity, absolute skill and being able to see it in person is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. Big ups to all the riders for putting on a spectacular show for us South Africans. A special big up to Nick De Wit for putting it down for S.A.

1st place winner Josh Sheehan deserved the win pulling of sick tricks and staying constant. 2nd place went to the equally talented Levi Sherwood who tore up the track in style. 3rd place went to Dany Torres who was off the hook, pulling insane tricks. But, the rest of the riders deserve nothing but respect. They all put it down and blew minds. Thomas Pages, Take Higashino, Remi Bizourd, Adam Jones, Rob Adelberg, Clinton Moore and Maikel Melero

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