The Collective Scriptures – Park Acoustics through the eyes of S.W.M Photography


A great Sunday chill sesh at the Voortreker monument. Beautiful people, smiles and souls congregating to enjoy some tunes and good vibes and relax before the week ahead. A great line up of bands : New Academics, Boo, Manny Waters, Momentss, Geaorge Town. What a beautiful day for it as well. The sun was beating down, the drinks flowing, smell of food filling the air along with the rhythm and rhymes. The bus ride up was more fun than the bus ride back down the hill. All in all a good day with amazing bands and amazing people.

ParkAcousticsAug201415 ParkAcousticsAug201414 ParkAcousticsAug201413 ParkAcousticsAug201412 ParkAcousticsAug201411 ParkAcousticsAug201406 ParkAcousticsAug201407 ParkAcousticsAug201408 ParkAcousticsAug201409 ParkAcousticsAug201410 ParkAcousticsAug201405 ParkAcousticsAug201404 ParkAcousticsAug201403 ParkAcousticsAug201402 ParkAcousticsAug201401

You can take a look at the full photo album right HERE

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