THE COLLECTIVE SCRIPTURES – Earthdance – Transformation 2014


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Got up early Saturday morning to head onward to the show. I got picked up by a beautiful soul and off we went. After a nice chat about life and everything in between, and us getting a bit lost, we arrived at Woodlands Gardens in Magaliesburg for Earthdance Transformation. WHAT A VENUE!!!!!!

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Surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful smiling faces, banging tunes and funky decor……this was bound to be a great experience. As i walked around taking photos of what was going on, i was greeted at every corner by happy festival goers. Loads of stalls selling clothing, food and more to keep you occupied. With two stages banging out the hard stuff & the fairy tent hosting the Hari Krishna and there drums during the day and some ambient chill in the evening, there was definitely something for everyone.

Eathdance3001 Eathdance3002 Eathdance3003 Eathdance3004 Eathdance3005 Eathdance3006 Eathdance3007 Eathdance3008 Eathdance3009 Eathdance3010 Eathdance3011 Eathdance3012

When the sun went down the bright vibrant colours, fire dancers & people dressed in costumes n glow sticks brought the place to life. The psytrance on the main stage is what most people came for but, the smaller stage banging out deep/funky house, electro and some killer drum n bass had an impressive gathering partying just as hard. I went to see my buddy AMBUSh play & he blew the roof of that tent. But, having said that, every single dj was amazing and gave the people an amazing experience that wont be forgotten anytime soon. To all the staff, stall owners, artists, dj’s & every person there, thank you so much for making the festival as amazing as it was. Truly unforgettable experience. 1luv & Bless

Some awesome Light trail photography

Eathdance4012 Eathdance4011 Eathdance4010 Eathdance4009 Eathdance4008 Eathdance4007 Eathdance4006 Eathdance4005 Eathdance4004 Eathdance4003 Eathdance4002 Eathdance4001

To any of the artists and djs I didn’t get a chance to talk to, if you are looking for some more exposure please contact me through :

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