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Brian Scott Hampton is a unique and talented artist. I found out about him through his graffiti murals and when I researched a bit more I found out that he is also a talented studio artist that does amazing works of art on canvas. I recently had some time to catch up with this humble soul and find out a bit more about his style and what he is about. This is what he had to say to Conscious Collective :

Could you state your name, where you are from and current location

‘Brain Scott Hampton from Tulsa Oklahoma. Currently living a nomadic life style’.

So your art is quite unlike any other. What field of the creative industry are you in?

‘ Studio artist and muralist ‘.

How would you describe your style?

‘ In the past few years my work has become increasingly abstract, fluid and organic, which actually resulted from a long journey of learning to let go of style. When I stopped putting such intense emphasis on creating my own original style, I was lead to find a process that I truly enjoyed. This mindset evolved into the current look and feel of my ideas now. My main goal has been loving the process, over time the style takes care of itself ‘.

What would you say, are your ultimate goals in the creative culture?

‘ I’m still learning a lot about my goals in creative culture outside of simply contributing visuals. There’s definitely a much bigger picture here ‘.

Could you give five of your top artist, groups, company’s in any creative field that inspire you and keep you doing what you do?

‘ Way too many for just 5 but here’s a few groups that I’m always inspired by : Threyda, Graffuturism, Furtherrr Collective, Ghetto Farceur crew ‘.

It was a real pleasure to hear a bit more about this unique artist. If you would like to find out more or order some amazing works, you can do so through the website – or follow on –


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