The Collective Scriptures



‘Unifying Forces Within Society’

I started the Collective as a platform for artists (of all kinds) to have a place to meet, share their creations, share ideas and job opportunities as well as do collaborations with artists in different countries. To build a network and family of creative, talented, beautiful people. A place to help and be helped so when we grow…..WE GROW TOGETHER!!!!!

Bringing together all aspects of the creative culture together under one banner. Art, Design, Graffiti/Street art, Fashion and Food, Music (Dj, Band, Producers, Event Organising), Clothing brands, Tattoo art and the amazing people behind it, Company, Brands, Creative Sports and much, much more 🙂

‘Conscious Collective is a GROUP with a set of shared beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society’

Teaming up with the amazing team from Gravity Lab I had the chance to launch the Conscious Collective website. And then hooking up with the great team at Mixed Apples I now have the chance to bring you ‘The Conscious Scriptures’ , which will be a weekly article on all the work going on in the creative industry. I hope to open your eyes to hidden gems in the international community.

       ‘Yesterday is History, tomorrow a mystery’

All I know is that Conscious Collective is here to stay 🙂

1Luv & Bless 🙂

Scott W. Mcfadden (Conscious Collective, Arti.I.Tek Designs, S.W.M. Photography)

Always looking for new and undiscovered talent to expose


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