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NAZ Jam by Brendon Salzer 0

NAZ Jam was a huge hit!!

Our very good friends at Not Another Zebra through an awesome BMX comp this past weekend, called NAZ JAM 2013, all going down at Hartebeespoort. As expected, it was a very well organized event with many people coming out to throw down and even...

Eliza Ioannou, Joel Jansen van Vuuren and Felicty Spies 0

Sew It Seams _ Fashion Week review

Sew it seams that SA fashion week has come and gone and I got to experience it from the front row with Egality as their new Assistant Buyer.  It’s amazing how different the industry appears when you are experiencing it from this view.   

Sneaker wedge 0

Sew it Seams _ Fashion blog

Kick start your winter wardrobe… Sew it seams that winter is slowly creeping in and it is only fitting that we take a look at a few of the trends rearing their heads for the up and coming season.  One I’ve noticed and personally purchased on...

Greg illingworth tuck-no-hander 0

Greg Illingworth is Flying

Greg Illingworth is quite possibly the best rider to come out of South Africa. This is him doing a massive Tuck No-hander at the Hunters Extreme Ultimate X earlier this year, where he came out on top after an amazing day of riding. *see...

Peter Bentley look back 0

Peter Bentley _ Lookback

This is one of the up and coming kids on the BMX pro scene. This 17 year old from KZN has been shredding it hard. This is him with a dialed lookback at the Hunters Extreme Ultimate X this year.