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MK Awards 2014 – The low down

This past weekend played host to the 2014 edition of the annual MK Awards where South Africa’s best alternative music gets the recognition it deserves. The State Theater in Pretoria was were the stage was set for a great night out with the stars!...


Viking invasion predicted for 2014!

Hilltop Live proudly presents: Campus Invasion 2014, together with, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, 5fm, Connect ZA, Rolling Stone Magazine and MK. We urge you to lock up your significant others and fireproof your dwellings, because the savages are returning in full force.   

NAZ at koppi 0

NAZ makes friends at Oppikoppi 2013

Our rad friends at Not Another Zebra got the chance to make a few awesome friends at this years Oppikoppi festival, with interviews done with some of the amazing acts on display. Last week they showcased one interview per day on their site, here...