[style undressed] – Style manual for the New Man in the New Year


A new man has risen from the ashes of the 90’s fashion revolution. A man whose preferences are arty and modern, overstated yet subtle but more importantly it is the man of style that has come to the fore. The man who stands out in a crowd for being able to capture elegance in simplicity while his pure intrigue demands admiration. The ability to mix textures and prints while being unapologetically progressive has become an art form. Modern men care about grooming, they care about what they put on, what perception it gives off and how they smell needs to fit the bill. Masculinity has been reinvented with the man of style sitting at the top of the pile because of his ability to become whoever he wants through what he puts on. Decorum and attention to detail will be our stylist for the year.


Sockless was all the rage at the most important international menswear event Pitti Uomo, ankle high cuts and showing some skin is a yes so I hope you got a pair of secret socks on Christmas morning. Happy socks are a must do if you have to cover up. It can be the missing link that completes the look.

Prints and Patterns

Only three P’s fit into style and fashion. Prints, patterns and pop art. So don’t be scared to think outside the box here remember style is individual. Oversized florals and micro-prints are a yes. If it looks like your dads old Hawaiian shirt though, not so much.


Big no, lets keep this resolution in tact. The smoking man is becoming more unfashionable by the day. If you must, get a metallic cigarette case and a refined refuel lighter.


These shoes are like the man who used to live down the road and always looked good, you could never pin point what made him look so good but he just did. Brogues are just that, timeless.

Short Shorts

This is the perfect way to keep cool in the South African heat while showing off a bit of the new years resolution gym progress. Keep it short, keep it tight but swimwear is not streetwear.

Panama Hat

The accessory for the ages, nothing says I’m a gentleman more than a man with a hat and still has the decency to tip it when he acknowledges a lady. Bad boys were the rage but are boys non the less. 

Boardroom Streetwear

“Looking good isn’t self-importance, its self-respect” – Charles Hix

“You can never be over dressed or over educated” – Oscar Wilde

Implement both these quotes into your everyday streetwear and you are a sure win.

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