RYKI Releases New Single From Debut EP BAD INTENTIONS

RYKI Releases New Single From Debut EP BAD INTENTIONS - Credit Waldo Pretorius

Credit Waldo Pretorius

RYKI releases latest single, entitled BAD INTENTIONS. The single is from her debut self-titled EP, released in March 2017.

BAD INTENTIONS was written and produced a few weeks before the release of RYKI’s EP during a studio session with Bubele Booi and David Balshaw (the producers behind her other singles ‘Throw You Down’ and ‘What Could We’). Initially just a demo, it became clear to her label that the single had to be on the final project, so the trio came together at the UNIVERSAL studio in Johannesburg merely days before deadline to record and finish off what has become her next single. 
The record also features Manu WorldStar. The decision to add a rapper to the beat came from the hip-hop influence on the production and the team felt his deep raspy tone perfectly suited the song. They got him into the studio and recorded his rap that same evening. His rap verses adds versatility to the song, whilst highlighting the Hip-Hop elements and contrasting RYKI’s signature sultry vocal delivery.
“BAD INTENTIONS is about reflecting on your blindness towards someone who used you; not dwelling on the disappointment but rather knowing your worth and putting yourself first. Anyone who has allowed another person to determine their self-worth for them and been mistreated in the process, will be able to identify with this song.”
Buy/Stream RYKIs debut EP, including BAD INTENTIONS, here on iTunes:

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