Red Huxley – Road To Rancho – Full event gig guide for Gauteng

RoadToRanchoGautengTourWith the gents from the awesome Cape Town based band, Red Huxley, on route to play their final tour dates of the ROAD TO RANCHO tour, ahead of their debut album release in November, we thought we should bring you all the relevant information for each of their stops. Here is all you need to know:


There are powers in the universe beyond our comprehension. Events so large we could not possibly conceive them in a million life times and events so small we would never notice them at all. We are offered, briefly, a glimpse into this world of the unknown through a medium we’ve come to know as rock.

In September last year the planets aligned, for a brief moment, and the three members of RED HUXLEY were struck with what can only be described as divine inspiration. They approached the Eagles of Death Metal’s lead guitarist, Dave Catching, and put all their cards on the table. In that moment, the universe stirred. 

They put forth the idea of having him, an idol in the world of rock, produce their debut album. All the elements were in place and so begun their journey.

It is only those who fear the illumination that music provides who have not heard of bands such as Arctic MonkeysQueens of the Stone Age or the Desert Sessions

All of them have recorded at what, by many, is considered the epicentre for musical inspiration “Rancho de la Luna”. It is the contemporary reiteration of Robert Johnson’s crossroad on route 66.

Their first task was to raise $25 000 for the trip. Turning to crowd sourcing on Kickstarter they put the value of their band and the possibility of the trip in the hands of their fans. 

From there on out it was a pursuit of the American dream.

Documented on MK with the help of Kim from Motion City Films and Dan Nash from the popular blog,, their adventure would be brought home to South Africa for us to follow the evolution of RED HUXLEY.

This November, they have vowed to release their debut album with 11 new tracks, recorded and mixed at Rancho de le Luna.

They have but one last tour before their launch, taking place in Joburg.


Date: 13th September 2013
Line up: Red Huxley, The Olympic, Late Night Fox
Venue: The Bohemian, Johannesburg
Address: Corner East and Perth Road Westdene, off Kingsway Road
Contact: +27 (0)11 482 1725
Time: 21h00
Tickets: R50

14th September 2013
Line up: Red Huxley (Unplugged)
Venue: Tokyo Star, Johannesburg
Address: Gleneagles Rd, Greenside
Contact: +27 (0)11 486 3344
Time: 16h00
Tickets: FREE

Red Huxley at Arcade Empire

Date: 14th September 2013
Line up: Black Cat Bones, Red Huxley, Die See
Venue: Arcade Empire, Pretoria
Address: The Highway Street
Time: 21h00
Tickets: R50

Date: 15th September 2013
Line up: Late Night Fox, Flint Meet Spark, Red Huxley (Unplugged)
Venue: Railways, Pretoria
Address: Main Rd, Irene
Contact: 0718831536
Time: 12h00
Tickets: R40



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