PEDRO BARBOSA Releases New Single | CRAZY LOVE IS FINALIST In International Songwriting Competition

PEDRO BARBOSA Releases New Single | CRAZY LOVE IS FINALIST In International Songwriting Competition

PEDRO BARBOSA has released a brand new single, called CRAZY LOVE IS to radio nationwide. The song is the second official single from his debut album, REBORN, released in 2018.

The single is also currently a finalist in the world renowned ‘International Songwriting Competition’, which received more than 19 000 entries. Previous winners of the competition include the likes of Vance Joy, Bastille, Gotye and Passenger. CRAZY LOVE IS is in the top 2% of songs left in the competition, and featured in 4 categories, namely ‘Music Video’, ‘Folk/Singer-Songwriter’, ‘Adult Contemporary’ and ‘Best Sing Your Heart/Love Song’, making PEDRO the only songwriter nominated in 4 categories. Judges for the competition include Portugal The Man, Tom Waits, Ne-Yo, Adam Lambert, Mark Anthony, Bastille, Keane and many more. Winners will be announced in April 2019.

PEDRO has also just been nominated for a 2019 International Portugese Music Award for ‘Music Video Of The Year’.

CRAZY LOVE IS was written during an emotionally rough time in PEDRO’s life in 2017, when he met a girl he felt he was falling for, but who did not believe him. Based on a week of his life, the first verse was a conversation where he told her she will one day fall in love and get hurt, and that he would then be there for her. The conversation triggered the rest of the song.

“The events on the chorus literally happened; not in the same exact sequence but they did. The basic idea was the fact that she couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted to be with me, or if she actually felt something for me. That was the reason why things changed so drastically during one week.”

PEDRO took the song to producer Mark Beling, who immediately believed it will be a hit. Initially PEDRO thought it a bit slow, however crowds soon started singing along to it when he started playing it live.

“I think people relate to the lyrics, and that is the main reason I chose it as a single. Anyone who has been hurt, or feels strongly for someone whom they are not sure feel the same about them, would be able to identify with the song.”

Featuring lots of heart and falsettos which PEDRO don’t normally sing, he managed to perfectly transpire the emotion of the lyrics into the melody.

The music video for the single was directed by Elrich Yssel from Forum Films, produced by Beatrice Pretorius from Dapper Media and shot over the course of two days. The focus for the video was an artistic, heartfelt video encapsulating the essence of the song.

“For the final scene of the video, I have to sing very high and it was particularly intense for me; I had to go back to a dark place emotionally and represent the energy of the pain, hurt and love I felt whilst writing the song.”

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