Oppikoppi 2013 through the lens of Christelle Duvenage

Christelle-DuvenageTake a look at our friend and one of the most talented LIVE music photographers around, Christelle Duvenage, and the best of what she captured at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast 2013. You simply can’t get anything better than this!!! Go RIGHT NOW and LIKE her page on Facebook so that you stay in touch with her amazing work!!

These are the selected photos i took from her page, there are many, many more on her page!!



YellowcardChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage

The NarrowChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage

Manchester OrchestraChristelle-Duvenage

Mango GrooveChristelle-Duvenage

Jeremy LoopsChristelle-Duvenage


The Anti Retro VinylsChristelle-Duvenage

Feed The WoolfChristelle-Duvenage

Rambling BonesChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage

Jack ParowChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage


Naming JamesChristelle-Duvenage

Red HuxleyChristelle-Duvenage

Woodstock MafiaChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage

Ballistic BluesChristelle-Duvenage


StraatligkindersChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage

Jet Black CamaroChristelle-Duvenage

No Chocolate Before DinnerChristelle-Duvenage Christelle-Duvenage


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