[NEW] Bittereinder release BRAND NEW song & video for “SLEGTE MENSE”

[NEW] Bittereinder release BRAND NEW song & video for "SLEGTE MENSE"-coverOne of my favourite SA bands are back in the studio, hard at work on the 3rd album. I am talking about the awesome electro-rap band from Pretoria, called Bittereinder. Apart from being wrapped and rapped up in the epic work of creating a 3rd album, they have also churned out a series of smashing remixes of their earlier works, for which the indefatigable Louis Minnaar has also created new videos.

Expect brand new HD video versions of gatswaai Bittereinder treffers ‘Slechte Mensen’, ‘Jakkals Trou’ and ‘Solidariteit’ within the next three months of 2014, which is the project of extremely talented band member Louis Minnaar.

First up is the release of SLEGTE MENSE as brand new video and single. Bittereinder changed the name from the original “Slechte Mensen” (on their 2010 debut album ‘n Ware Verhaal) to “SLEGTE MENSE” for the 2014 remix, in part to make the distinction between old and new, and with the unintentional but notable parallel of Afrikaans being a new Dutch. The original and the new version feature Dutch powerhouse rapper Tim Beumers in top form, and is the first Afrikaans-Dutch rap colab ever, as far as Bittereinder is aware.

Bittereinder feels that the remix video of the song remix has resulted in stronger versions, both from an audio and visual perspective. Video remixes, much like audio remixes, re-use and re-imagine elements of the original in a totally new form. Viewers and listeners who know the original track and video will hopefully feel equal parts nostalgia for the memory and excitement about the new, which is pretty much how Bittereinder feels about it.

Louis Minnaar remixed the track in 2013 to improve its ‘live performance’ energy.

We’ve been playing this ‘live’ version for more than a year, and felt it was time to release it as a track and new single, based on its power. We basically enhanced the strongest parts of the original track and gave the old beast some sharp new teeth.

Working-on-a-new-album-[NEW] Bittereinder release BRAND NEW song & video for "SLEGTE MENSE"


Bittereinder also has a lovely new website, which features full versions of both albums’ lyrics (including guest artists) in one place for the first time:www.bittereinder.com 

Also, and perhaps most importantly, all Bittereinder’s music can be found here:


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