Monkeys In Boots: Ripping The SA Music Industry a New One!


Monkeys In Boots - Logo

Monkeys In Boots – Logo

Holy Electric Jungle Blues Bogallooo! Out of the depths of snor city, and probably the most Afrikaans place in South Africa, come a band that’s making waves and taking names in the Music Industry. This band can only be….. MONKEYS IN BOOTS!

Today we give you a taste of who this band is and why they have been blowing minds along the way.

Why? You may ask… well because who wouldn’t want to listen and support a band that when you listen to their music it makes you weak at the knees while at the same time nostalgic in remembering all the epically amazing good times you’ve had in life. But wait there is more, these good vibe-ing bad asses somehow also get it right to wake your inner party monster and before you know it your putting on your dancing shoes for a night of awesomeness (that’s what music should do to you). THAT’S WHY! BAM!

Shanne Liebenberg Photography - Monkeys Live

Shanne Liebenberg Photography – Monkeys Live

Here is a juicy, yet very elaborate and mad description of these crazy rockers in boots:

They are a 5 piece Folk Rock Blues Band with a hint of their very own style of mojo madness hailing from Pretoria. They consist of two Guitars, Violin/keys/accordion, Bass and Drums. With Luan Fourie, who gets the ladies going with his boyish looks and shredding riffs, on the guitar; Fish Archer, the man with more grooves than Prince and Austin Powers Combined, on the Bass; Justin Snyman, with more Beats than Dr. Dre, on the drums; Frederik Blackwater Nagel, the tall Viking with the gentle touch of an angel, on the Violin,Accordion and  Keyboard; then last but certainly not least Morne Lucky Strike Erasmus, with a voice that resembles a mash up of Ron Burgundy’s, Barry White’s and Johnny Lee Hooker’s, on vocals, guitar and harmonica.

Shanne Liebenberg Photography - Monkeys Live at The Grind Radio Luanch

Shanne Liebenberg Photography – Monkeys Live at The Grind Radio Luanch

When listening to Monkey’s, I feel like a kid again ready to lose my shit after just one can of Red Bull! I’ve been hoping and wishing someone would wake up in the SA music industry and give us some more raw yet rocking in your face Blues/Rock, like that of Black Cat Bones, Joe Bonamassa or Cluth and thats exactly what Monkey’s go out of their way to do. They are here to entertain and wake you from your slumber so get ready daddy-o shit’s going to get real! Quick Sidebar: They actually had a chart topping hit on Tuks Fm in the form of ‘Let’s Get It On’ if you can remember.

Monkey’s has been quoted in saying: “Imagine Justin Bieber and One Direction joined forces with Miley Cyrus… Well we exactly the opposite of that. We were raised by Hyenas because wolves don’t survive in our climate. We are here to rock the boots right off your feet, so strap in bitch lets go for a ride!”

Monkeys Before a Gig at Railways

Monkeys Before a Gig at Railways

So go and support Amazing Local talent in the form of Monkeys In Boots! They have their first EP out which you can download/purchase and if you want to catch them live do so this weekend, the 4th of October 2014, at The Big House Craft Beer Festival where they will be opening for the legendary Mango Groove! This all happening at Jan Smuts Museum, Irene, Pretoria.

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