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Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-applesMarcel Maassen is a local skateboarder from Pretoria, who grew up in Centurion but originally comes from a small town called Secunda. He has been in love with skateboarding since his early teens, when seeing a bunch of kids in Centurion everyday, on his way home from school, shredding it and having so much fun. He has taken skateboarding seriously from the age of 15 and is still skating today. We caught up with Marcel for a quick chat, take a look at what this rad gent has to say:


Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-applesMA: Hey Marcel, nice to be chatting to you. Thanks for your time!

Hey man, no problem its always good to meet new faces!

MA: Can you please give us a little bit of background on where you are from and how you got started in skateboarding?

I was born in Secunda on the 20th of April 1987, I am really glad I did not grow up there haha! When I was young I         grew up living in Centurion and when I was 14 we imigrated to Holland for a few years. 

I started skating when I lived in Centurion, I still remember everyday I rode my bicycle from school and there were a bunch of kids skating this parking lot outside Checkers and they ripped so hard! I drove past there every day for a year, I was so amazed at what they were doing.

So one day I decided to toss my rollerblades away haha, and got myself a board, it was a California Pro. Thats how it all started, I was hooked straight away!

MA: What have been some of your influences and inspirations to keep pushing yourself to progress over the years?

I guess seeing other people skate was inspiring, to progress and get better is the main thing. Rolling with good friends is     always a good factor in skating cause then its all about the fun.

“The more fun you have the more you progress!”

The  thing that amps me up the most is to see little kids having fun riding their boards! 

Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples

MA: Do you remember the first time on a skateboard? How did that first feeling leave such a lasting impression on your life?

I was about 15/16 when I got serious about skating and the feeling is still the same as the first time, all I ever wanna do     is cruise and just ride my board. Hearing those bearings spinning, thats the best feeling ever!

MA: In your opinion, how is skateboarding progressing in South Africa and what do you think needs to happen for it to become even better?

Its progressing as we speak, when we started over here we were the outcasts. Now, its one of the coolest things ever!         From Longboarding to “wrong boarding” its still all skateboarding, they’re all pushing a wooden plank with wheels at the end of the day, which sounds silly but to most its an escape from the 9-5!

“We should support local skate shops and local brands, thats the only way it will grow.”

MA: What type of skater do you consider yourself as?

Most definitely a street skater.

Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples

MA: Who were your favourite skaters growing up? Who are they now?

Eric koston and Chad Muska were my all time favourites growing up. Right now, Andrew Reynolds hands down! But there’s many, Wade desarmo and Stevie Williams are my all time Heroes haha!

MA: Who, in your opinion, is the best skateboarder in the world?

There ar too many! In Contest there’s Ryan Sheckler, Manny Santiago, Ryan Decenzo, P.Rod, Ishod Wair, Louie Lopez, Alec Magerus and Chris Cole!

But to me there’s Wade Desarmo, Andrew Reynolds, David Gonzales, TX, Steve Williams, David Gravette, Luan Oliveira, Colon Provost, Tommy Sandoval and Figgy!

MA: What is your best trick and what is one trick you are still dying to do?

Back side heelflip is my best trick, I can do it when I wake up in the morning haha. I can probably do it whenever, where ever. I have better tricks but to me its about consistancy and I am very consistant with that trick! Kickflips to me are probably the hardest just because I can’t do them first try haha, I would love to have consistancy with that one hahaha! No Joke.

MA: What/Where is your favourite place to skateboard a the moment?

Thrashers (Menlyn Skate Park) and anywhere street.

Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a skater? 

That I’m still able to skate haha, it gets harder as you get older. Seeing the world and meeting new people through             skateboarding! To me thats the best achievement!

MA: Do you listen to jams while you skate?? If so, what are your top 3 tunes at the moment? 

I hate skating with music haha. Some good songs are Tupacs Back, Tin man & Inch of Dust by Future Island, Full Clip by Gang Starr!

MA: Being involved in the game for many years, is there any specific people you would like to thank for where you are today?

My Mom ofcourse. Pieter Le Roux, Wayne and Clayton Peterson from Revolution. G from the Revolution warehouse, Ryan Naidoo, The Van Staden brothers, Charl “Skippy” Steyn, Julien from Butan and Wandile Msomi!

MA: Where would you like to be in 5 years, regarding skateboarding?

Damn, just to be on my board would be Amazing! I’m getting old Nelson, haha!


MA: What message do you have for any kid wanting to take skateboarding seriously? 

Just have fun! Dont skate to impress and please dont skate just to get sponsored! Do it for the love of skateboarding.

MA: Where can people follow you?

Facebook:  Marcel maassen      

MA: Lastly, if you could sesh with any 3 skaters in the world, who would that be with?

To be honest, just to skate with my friends man.

Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples Marcel-Maassen-interview-on-mixed-apples


Have a look at this super dope edit of a few skaters, including Marcel, shredding it super slick at Menlyn Skate Park. This was put together by MAKE, check them out…

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