Krank’d Up Music Festival: Bursting Eardrums, Poppin Eye Ballz and Blowing Minds!

Slashdogs - Blessed Wretch

Slashdogs – Blessed Wretch

Holy Moon Howling WereWolf Madness! On Saturday, the 27th of September 2014, a little watering hole with a taste to deliver amazing epic live shows (by the name of Sundowners in Alberton) played host to the Madness that is Krank’d Up Music Festival.

This small yet unique festival is brought to you by the guys from Turning Tricks Entertainment who have brought you acts like Dead Letter Circus (Aus) and Seven Year Kismet (UK) but yet they are not done with bringing the hardest of hard and most brutal to South African shores. This time they pulled out all the stops and had international metal heavy weights Protest The Hero and Unearth headlining the festival.

This still growing festival blew my tiny brains all over the floor, for it had dynamite for a heart, a crazed mosh pit for a brain and the most awesome brutal metal for a soul. I tell you I was impressed… that this baby of festivals (in SA) had the grunt and power to stand toe to toe with the biggest and best of festivals in SA. It was brilliantly organised from having enough to drink and eat for everyone to the most high tech in booming sound and lighting.

The fest had such a great turn out it was sometimes difficult to watch bands on the indoor stage but let me tell you that this did not matter one bit for when Facing The Gallows stepped onto that Jagermeister Stage….  they ripped Sundowners a new one with the crowd possessed by their music, forming a pit that would scare a Fokofpolisiekar crowd and that’s not easily done (the crowd literally destroyed the security barrier). One of the best live shows I have seen a very, very, very long time!

Bryan from Facing The Gallows  in his Element

Bryan from Facing The Gallows in his Element

So seeing that we are on the note of bands doing damage at the fest I must say I was pleasantly surprised by a little band called Freedom For Your Life. They had a replacement vocalist for the show on the day, but that did not stop them from busting shit open with their mad energy, epic vocals and sounding very tight as a band. All this made a lot of heads turn at the festival. They got things started for me at the Festival, the first band to really step up and show the crowd that this is a metal fest and it’s time to get rowdy. (This is a band to look out for).

Freedom For Your Life

Freedom For Your Life

As usual Newtown Knife Gang had the crowd up in arms as they are no stranger to rocking big crowds into a frenzy. Always a great band from SA, to open for International Acts, as they set the mood for what was yet  to come and boy oh boy was there something big to come… in the form of Protest The Hero and Unearth.

To start off this busting open of skulls and moshing of madness we had the masters of Progressive/Mathcore metal, Protest The Hero, treat us to what is probably the most technically mind blowing yet brutally awesome show I have seen. With face melting (can’t imagine how they do it) riffs and bass-lines to an epic vocal range, from Rody, that is unique to their sound. Brilliant yet priceless with some speechlessness comes to mind when thinking about this show.

Protest The Hero - Rody holy light

Protest The Hero – Rody holy light

Then… like a F@#$ing warhead heading for your face and blowing you to Mars and back, came UNEARTH! Flip the switch, slap my ass and call me Suzie! UNEARTH brought the psycho brutal madness that this country has been waiting for. With a sound that shatters your rib cage while possessing you to mosh the ‘F’ out of the guy next to you, to vocals so brutal and dangerous it will burst your eardrums while you head-bang like a teenager at a Nirvana show. What an EPIC way to finish off such an incredible yet memorable festival.

UNEARTH - storming the gates

UNEARTH – storming the gates

One last gasp before we end this journey we were on. Our friends  (Gendez – DJ) at The Grind Radio had this epic video Interview with Protest The Hero where they chat about Star Wars, Star Trek, Poutine, Bono and U 2. Check it out here:

So remember when reading this…if you missed out on this years awesomeness, don’t miss out on it next year (you won’t regret it)! PAOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Mixed Apples and Shanne Liebenberg Photography would just also like to thank Turning Tricks Entertainment and Plug Music Publicity for a great yet amazing festival and opportunity to be a part of it all.

Last but not least thank you Shanne Liebenberg for your epic yet majestically beautiful photos, much love lady!


Trevor – UNEARTH

Ken - UNEARTH Shredding like a true soloist

Shredding like a true soloist

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