[interview] YORKE – Getting to know this 4-piece band from Durban

YORKE - Photo Credit Wesley Maurice  - Mixed Apples interviewWe came across Jordi van Dyk in 2013, when he won the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE competition, which we had the privilege to be involved in by doing interviews with all 10 finalists. Since then Jordi has put in hours of work in studio and well as in band practice, not at Jordi van Dyk but as YORKE, a 4-piece band from Durban that was recently formed. They are “the new kids on the block” but not at all a stranger to the music industry, as all the member have been involved in the industry for many, many years. They have just finished recording their debut EP – AN OCEAN OF CLOUDS, as well as their music video for their first single – GOODBYE GRAVITY, which will be available for download through iTunes very soon. We caught up with Jordi and the rest of the YORKE band members for a quick chat, this is what they had to say:


YORKE - Photo Credit Wesley Maurice  - Mixed Apples interview

MA: Hey guys, very nice to be chatting to you!! Thanks for your time!! Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourselves to us, telling us where you come from and how you started out in music?
YORKE: Hi there, we are YORKE , a 4piece band from Durban, South Africa. The four of us have been involved in the SA music scene for a while, pursuing music in other projects. We decided to pursue music professionally and formed this band.
MA: Jordi, we have been in contact with you after you had won the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE competition. Can you tell us how you went from being a solo artist, to forming the band called YORKE??
YORKE:  I believe that my solo work was just a part of my growth as a musician and starting a band was a natural progression. My friends and fellow band mates are so creative and talented. I feel so honored to be doing this with them.
MA: Before we go on about the band, can you tell us any rad stories of your experience playing Cafe Charbon in Paris and a bit about your time at the Converse Rubber Track Studios in the USA? How was the whole experience for you?
YORKE:  The whole experience was incredible, super memorable and taught me a lot. America and Europe are possibly two of the best places to go. Even better if its for music. CONVERSE are doing a really good thing for music all over the world, creating a “no strings attached” platform for musicians to grow. Their generosity is mind blowing.
MA: Do you mind introducing the band to us and telling us what each person’s role is in the band?
Jordi van Dyk- Vocals & Guitar
Joel Kenrick- Guitar
Dean Wilkie- Bass
Bryn Scott- Drums
YORKE - Photo Credit Wesley Maurice  - Mixed Apples interview
MA: Can you tell us a little bit more about the name YORKE?? Is there any specific meaning behind it?
YORKE: One of our favorite bands are As Tall As Lions. They have a song called ” Ghost of York”. I remember listening to the song with a friend and us both thinking YORK would be such a great band name but YORKE would look much better on paper.
MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from in your music?
YORKE: We draw inspiration from life, it’s a beautiful thing. Art, love, music, our diverse country, It also helps that as individuals we listen to a variety of genres.
MA: If I had to ask you to explain your music in 5 words… how would you do so?
YORKE: 5 words to describe YORKE…
Colorful, intellectual, hopeful, diverse, fun.
MA: You will be dropping your first music video for the single “GOODBYE GRAVITY” end of the month. Can you tell us how the process of shooting this video has been, who has been brought in to get this done for you and why you chose “GOODBYE GRAVITY” as the first single?
YORKE: It really has been such a fun experience. We had the privilege of working with Jared Hinde, an incredibly talented Videographer/Director. We also had an amazing crew and team work on our set design.  It all came together and we feel really proud of the final product. We chose  “Goodbye Gravity” as our first single because its a fun song, something we believe people would enjoy and sing along to.
MA: The SA music industry has been growing in a huge way the last few years… what do you think are the reasons for this massive growth in our local music scene?
YORKE: Our realizations was that the old days of music not being sustainable and it only being a hobby and not a career, are long Gone. If you have a strategy  and give your music career the attention it deserves, along with practice and talent, you can be successful. There is hope. We’re just so excited to call this place home. The music scene in SA is just thriving at the moment.
MA: What have been some of your best moments as a band thus far? Or is it too soon to tell? 
YORKE: Perhaps filming our first music video? Lets give this question some more time.
MA:Are you working on anything else that we might be interested in?
YORKE: Our single “Goodbye Gravity” and debut EP, “An Ocean of Clouds” should be available for purchase on iTunes very soon. Look out for it.
MA:Where can we follow you? 
YORKE: Connect with YORKE here:
Twitter: @yorkeband
Instagram: @yorkeband
MA: Thank you very much for your time once again…
YORKE: Its been great, thank you.
Photo credit: Wesley Maurice

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