[INTERVIEW] We chat to Feed The Wolf about their latest album


Feed The Wolf are a Pretoria based band who have been together for a solid 5 years now, the band calls their sound “sleaze rock” and aims to awaken the inner most primal instincts of rock n roll. The 5 man strong band comprising of established musicians, each a specialist in their own rite. Feed The Wolf seem to thrive on stage and feed of the energy that can only be generated by live performances but that has not stopped them from releasing a full length studio album self-titled “Feed The Wolf”.

The album is a 15 track journey through the melodies and rhythms produced by what is a clearly a very talented and experienced group of individuals who come together seamlessly as Feed The Wolf. Your guide on this journey is the ever-present Donovan Borne whose voice is the glue that holds the act together, we had the opportunity to chat with Donovan about the band and their latest offering as Feed The Wolf, this is how it went down.

MA: HI Guys, thanks for your time. Please could you introduce us to the band?

Jako Loots – Drums
Illimar Neitz – Lead Guitar
Juan Le Roux – Rythm Guitar
Jonathan Georgiades – Bass
Donovan Borne – Vox

MA: You guys have been together for the better part of the last 5 years, can you shed some light on your journey to where you are today?

We started out as a cover band for the Tabazimbi Wildsfees of all things. After two years of jamming other guys music we decided,one drunken evening,that we should have a crack at writing original music. The first few months thereafter were a mix bag of melodies and styles we slowly took hold of and shaped into the unique sound we present, presently. Juan Le Roux joined the band and threw in his lot about 3 years ago and we’ve been lumbering along ever since.

MA: You have a classic Rock n Roll sound fused with the smoothest of blues, yet you describe your sound as “Sleaze Rock”, how Would you define your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

It’s funny you mention the blues thing. We get that now and then but can’t really hear it ourselves. If it’s come out that way, it was never intentional. Nothing we do is ever really that intentional in terms of influence. We’ve had our sound compared with everyone from Danzig to Mr. Bungle to Muse to Elvis to Clutch. Everyone in the band likes different things in terms of music, and while this often makes it difficult to agree on things in the writing process, it always produces something special and unique. That’s how I’d describe it. Unique Rock n Roll

MA: You guys have just released your album, simply titled “Feed The Wolf” – How has the album been received by your fans and the industry in general?

We’ve just rolled it out and so far, so good. We love constructive criticism. So far it’s been really useful and has indicated that we’re doing something different and new. New isn’t an easy feat to accomplish these days.


MA: Each song on the album has a definite symbolism and your inspirations are taken from real-world situations, would you say this is an accurate statement?

No. Inspiration for the lyrics comes from anywhere. Most of it is fantasy, based on instinctual feeling or reptilian scenarios. There are a few songs that depict, albeit in a very symbolic way, real world problems; but for the most part it’s fantasy. However, the lines of fantasy and reality can be blurred. There’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about real world scenarios and there are one or two songs on the album that dive into this grey area.

MA: The band seems to have a strong opinion on the current state of South African rock music, care to share your thoughts?

The general feeling and outlook, from our side at least, is a bit grim and negative. So for that reason I think it better not to delve too deep into it. After all, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

MA: To date, what has been your most memorable moment as “Feed The Wolf”?

I suppose everyone in the band will have their individual favorite moment. For me it would be the show at Up The Creek. The audience were as surprised by us as we were by their response. That’s a rare and magical feeling. Easy to understand and completely transcendent.

MA: Are you currently working on any projects that you would like to share with us?

At the moment we’re just planning our onslaught on the airwaves. The year is almost done, so planning for 2016 begins.

MA: Where can people follow you?

Twitter: @FTWfeedthewolf

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