[interview] Multiverse The Narrow | Jow Feldtmann

Date: Friday, 2 August 2019
Venue: Rivonia Barnyard, Johannesburg
Time: 8PM
Entrance: R150
Bookings: http://barnyardtheatre.co.za

Interview: Jow Feldtmann

MA: Good morning Jow, it’s such a pleasure to be chatting to you. How are you doing today?

I am doing very well thank you, and very excited about this interview!

MA: Please give us a short background on your background? Which part of the world do you come from? How did music become a passion in your life? Etc.

Apparently, I came from monkeys in the mountains. However …: ) Pretoria born and raised. 

I am classically trained on the house of piano playing, learned to play guitar age 14 with lots of grunge and metal and bass guitar age 18 with new metal and Hip Hop Rock.

MA: How did The Narrow start, were you there from the beginning?

I am an original band member. We met each other in 2001 church band and decided to jam together. This was me, Emile, Andre, and Nelius. We wrote music for 5 songs and recruited Hanu from Not my Dog. We launched debut album in 2003. 

MA: What have been some of the coolest memories been, as a member of the band?

Playing international festival Pukkelpop, showcases in LA, and plenty of Oppikoppies. Debut album launch at Fort Schanskop and Travellers Launch at Pretoria Capital theatre. There are so many!

MA: What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?

There is plenty of relived grunge and 90’ies music being covered by younger bands which is a massive inspiration. And also a huge variety in the metal scene I love!

MA: Any acts/bands/artists that you think need a special mention?

Wow, that’s a trick question cause our industry is full of history made, current and in the making. Where would one start?!

MA: You will be playing Rivonia Barnyard, Johannesburg, for the MULTIVERSE show…. Are you excited for the gig? What can we expect from the show?

Expect some surprises but definitely an over 2 hours hard-rocking tribute to songs inspiring The Narrow. Some 90ties and some early 2000. It will be louder than the usual at The Barnyard. 

MA: Please give us a brief intro into the selection of the guest performers and why you chose them?

Starting before The Narrow times and sharing plenty of stages we thought that Wonderboom‘s Cito is a huge privilege. Kobus from Black Cat Bones will give you that same feeling as to what Narrow dis early years and Gideon we only meet recently was a great surprise to add to more of the heavier tunes. Jason Oosthuizen is already part of The Narrow history standing in for The Narrow drummer Nelius. Jason ‘gets’ The Narrow’s vibes and live performance. 

MA: Anything else you currently working on that we may be interested in?

I am part of Jason’s tribute show AC/DC VS Deep Purple and I am also creatively part in the writing and forming of a new Metal group called Local Lords. 

MA: Where can people follow you on Social Media?

The Narrow on Facebook and The Narrow on Instagram. 

MA: Thanks for your time, look forward to the show! 

Thank you for you guys and this interview hope to see you at the show!

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