[interview] Matthew Mole will be playing at THE WORLD OF PARK ACOUSTICS

Matthew-Mole-Pic-3-Courtesy-of-The-Famous-FrouwsThe singer/songwriter, Matthew Mole, who has taken the hearts of all South Africans with his genuine, care free and loving personality, will be playing at THE WORLD OF PARK ACOUSTICS this Sunday. He has come a long way since winning the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE competition in 2012. He has since released an album, called THE HOME WE BUILT, and played at almost every festival that we host in SA. We managed to catch up with Matthew, once again, for a short chat. This is how it went down:



  • For some of us that dont know too much about SA music, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself and how you started out in music?
I started playing guitar when I was super young. When I studied Audio Engineering after school I really started writing my own songs and then tried to find shows to play.
  • What are some of the influences and inspirations growing up and in your sound today?
Musically, I love it when I hear bands that do really unpredictable things instrumentation wise. I love incorporating loads of different things like organs and old pianos and stuff.
  • What have been some of the challenges you have faced in your musical career thus far?
I’ve been super blessed with all of the amazing opportunities I’ve had. I’m still so new to all of it, so adjusting to a life of music was the only really challenge. Although it wasn’t much of a challenge because it is what I love.
  • Ever since winning the Converse GET OUT OF THE GARAGE competition, you have really blown up on the SA music scene. Do you think winning that awesome competition helped with that?
It definitely helped. It taught me a bit and really helped me get started in the whole South African scene.
  • You also recently released your debut album, THE HOME WE BUILT, how has this been received by the SA music enthusiasts? 
It’s had a really nice response. It’s my first album, so I’m learning how it all works but I’ve been blown away by people’s response!
  • What have been some of your best moments of 2014 thus far?
Opening for Bastille was huge for me, loved it. Going to Thailand (Festival), Los Angeles (Musexpo) and Seattle (Leading Lady Feature) to play some shows was a whole other thing. Writing new stuff is super exciting at the moment as well.
Jack Daniels Presents A World Of Park Acoustics: Sunday, 31st September
  • You will be playing at the Park Acoustics: A World Of Park Acoustics, this month. Are you excited about this and what can we expect from your performance?
I’m so flippin excited. I love Park Acoustics! I’ve recently changed up my set a little, so I’ll be incorporating some more electronics as well as trying out some new songs!
  • Are you working on anything else that we might be interested in
A new album. I’ve been writing a lot for that, I’ve got so much to do still, but that what I’m trying to focus on at the moment.
Photo credits: The-Famous-Frouws



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