[Interview] Marius Bester Photography – In Focus

[Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus

Some of you might know Marius Bester from Arcade Empire, either where he works behind the bar or when he is doing photography for the big events. Some of you might have even done some rad photoshoots with him, but most of you would be very wrong about the person behind the lens. He is not one looking for the glitz & glamour that some photographers are after, or even looking to “shoot” the hottest models. Marius has a passion for photography and capturing people and places that most of us are afraid to see. He loves documentary photography and telling people’s stories. Give this article a read, you will be entertained by this awesome man and how he sees photography!! Hope you enjoy…

Interview: Marius Bester

[Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus

MA: Hello Marius… Please tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you got started in photography? Can you remember the first time you picked up a camera and why you were so intrigued by it, making you think of it as something you would like to pursue? 

Im going to start of by saying I am not the very best at answering questions but I shall try and do my part. It wasn’t a camera that I first picked up, it was a old Samsung e250 cellphone that I just started photographing anything that moved and my life in school. I just wanted to start documenting every single thing that happened and we were doing selfies with our phones even before there was a name for it. I guess I just grew into starting to use cameras and collecting cameras and using it to express feelings or state of mind and ended up messing about with it and thinking ja lets do this for a job!

MA: Looking through your amazing work on your website, I see that you are  not completely focused on one style/area of photography. Where would you say your heart lies?  What have been some of your influences in your career choice? 

My heart lies in documentary photography or photojournalism or basically anything I can get a rush from, going where i am not supposed to. If I pack a little bag with a camera and a lens or two and get on my bike and go ride around Pretoria, hunting for photo’s, its just like going out on a treasure hunt every day, seeking people, seeking feelings or emotional imagery. If I could take a photo that made you think “fuck that breaks my heart” or “wow that’s so sad” or whatever, I would have succeeded!!

[Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus

MA: What would you say is your style of photography and what has inspired you into that specific direction?

Definitely documentary photography or photojournalism.

MA: What has been some of your biggest challenges in your career thus far?

Biggest challenge most likely would to be to keep on going.  Photographers are the most irritating people in the world, you have no idea. I basically always work alone since getting along with everyone and having to listen to everyone brag about cameras or lenses or what flash they have or which band they photographed or who they work for, are just things I am not interested in. I just want to photograph life and document what I see and feel through my photo’s, I am not interested in the flavour of the week or how I am supposed to do things!

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a photographer? 

Biggest achievement to me I must say should be just the fact that so many different people from different cultures and background have let me into their lives and homes to photograph and see things normal people going by in their 9-5 lives never really get to see and capture.

MA: There are many amazing talented photographers in SA at the moment, what has you most excited about the industry and where can it improve? 

I have no opinion on the current state of photography in South Africa and I kind of feel I myself am not really part of the scene even though I work in and photography our beautiful country!

[Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we would be interested in? What does 2015 hold in store for Marius Bester Photography?

Well, in 2015, somewhere somehow, if I can gather up the money, I am planning to ride my old 1979 Kawasaki kz400 down to Koffie Bay and up the coastline to Cape Town and photograph as much of the people and moments and life that I come across. Its gonna be a very long amazing journey but when I come back I know I will be changed as a person and will have a beautiful body of work.

MA: Lastly, if you could shoot any famous personality in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

If I could photograph anyone it would be either David Lachapelle or Rodger Ballen two of my own personal inspirations.

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[Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus [Interview] Marius Bester Photography - In Focus

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