[Interview] Let’s chat about Lunatic Wolf’s “To The Adventure” album


I recently came across the album “To The Adventure” by Lunatic Wolf who are a 6 man band based in Johannesburg. Formed in 2012, they had been working hard to put together the tracks for the album and just over 2 years later, that goal had been achieved. Throughout the 11 track album there is a consistent folk rock sound, something like if the music of Mumford and Sons had a baby with the tunes of Jack Johnson – which results in music which is easy to listen to, yet energetic enough to keep you wanting more. Without saying too much more, let’s get to know more about Lunatic Wolf and their album “To The Adventure”, Richard Oldfield took some time to chat with us, this is how it went down,

MA: Please introduce your band and yourselves:

Richard: We are a contemporary folk-rock duo turned six-piece from Johannesburg, South Africa. The band consists of Gavin Van Den Berg on vocals and guitar, Richard Oldfield on piano and guitar, David Grevler on bass, Adrian Erasmus on guitar, Gavin Flaks on drums and Jacques Du Plessis on keys and percussion.

Gavin and I started writing the songs for the album “To the Adventure” in 2012.  We have had a long history of music and friendship that goes back to our high school years. We played all kinds of guitar driven music, some very heavy moments and some very experimental moments but we always paid great attention to detail and tried to put the music first. We wrote the songs for the album over the course of about two years.

Our debut release “To the Adventure” was recorded at High Seas Studios and was co-produced by Gavin Van Den Berg and Jacques Du Plessis (Wrestlerish, Desmond & the Tutus, Shortstraw). The album holds themes of growth, childhood nostalgia, the end of life and love.


MA: What led up to the decision to call your band Lunatic Wolf?

Richard: We wanted something short and catchy that was difficult to forget. Lunatic Wolf was the first name that the whole band agreed upon.

MA: You have recently released your album entitled “To the Adventure”; how has this been received by the fans?

Richard: The album has been very well received thus far and we are very excited to be performing it to a live audience in the coming months.

When writing an album you never really know if your music will connect and be felt by your audience.  It’s a fragile balance to achieve. Your musical direction, ideas and experiences need to spill out of the studio and be relatable to the lives and minds of others.  It’s a good feeling to know that so many people are enjoying the album.

MA: Besides your clearly folk rock sound how else would you describe your sound?

Richard: It is a very easy going sound. The album also has an organic quality to it and a very basic charm to the arrangement of the instruments.

MA: What is it that inspires your music, would you say there is an underlying theme to your music?

Richard:  I find inspiration in everyday moments that stand out and touch me, collaborating to create something that will be enjoyed and felt by others, the unique manner in which music allows one to communicate. The way you can express a thought and suggest a feeling through music really speaks to me.

Our music covers a variety of themes. On the album “To the Adventure”, there are themes of childhood nostalgia, the end of life and love.

MA: To date what has been your most memorable moment as a band?

Richard: The first time all six of us were in the studio rehearsing. Trying to work out who plays what, when and where and slowly discovering the challenges of pulling this album off in a live environment.

Are you currently working on any projects you would like to tell us about?

Richard: We are completely focused on Lunatic Wolf. We all work full time so whatever free time we have we put into rehearsals, marketing and producing content for the band.

Where can people follow you?

Richard: We are on all of the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Our web address is http://www.lunaticwolf.com/


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