[interview] KYLE CASSIM: Talented, Passionate and on the way Up!! Catch him at Park Acoustics this Saturday, 28th November.

[interview] KYLE CASSIM: Talented, Passionate and on the way Up!! Catch him at Park Acoustics this Saturday, 28th November.

Kyle Cassim is a young man taking big strides in the music industry with his energetic and powerful personality, accompanied by his versatile style. This DJ/Producer has been influenced by the power of music from the tender age of 12, where he was inspired by his Dad’s love for disco music. This influence of disco got Kyle hooked on music, particularly in house music, which is what he has become known for. He is versatile in the sense that he can play anything from deep soulful house to the more energetic styles of EDM with a natural ability to make you dance, always commanding the dance floor. He resides in Johannesburg but got his early breaks in Pretoria at Liquid Ice, Cheeky Monkey (Cherry Jam) and Bostons (TY’s nightclub), where he had residency and quickly became the crowd’s favourite. He has since been on every major event’s line-up like H2O, Wet n Wild and Rage, whilst never ignoring his roots and always keen to come back to make Pretoria shake.

Kyle’s talents were noticed internationally in 2012 when he went over to the Netherlands to perform on the international stage. After doing his five gig tour to the Netherlands last year, performing alongside legendary artists such as Franky Rizardo, Skitzofrenix and Jeff Doubleu, Kyle Cassim has been commanding dance floors all over South Africa, leaving every club and festival begging for more. Rocking Festivals such as H2o, Rage and Wet n Wild , performing with music giants such as Avicii, Tony Cha Cha, Deadmau5, Bingo players, Roger Sanchez at the recent Space Ibiza tour and many more, he has established an outstanding and respectable name in the music industry

In the last 3 years he has performed at every major club in South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia, where he is always received with an ever so warm welcome.

[interview] KYLE CASSIM: Talented, Passionate and on the way Up!! Catch him at Park Acoustics this Saturday, 28th November.
Festivals Kyle Cassim Has performed at include : Ultra Festival South Africa , Fun in the sun, Numerous h2o’s, Colourfest, Wonderland, , Rage Festival, and many more!

This year Kyle opened for International sensations COSMIC GATE and Michael Calfan to crowds of over 8000 people and recently closed for JOSH BUTLER. He has also shared the stage and line up with International stars such as Belocca, Avicii, Deadmau5, Vanilla ace, Juicy m, Tony cha cha, Morgan Paige, Bingo Players, Hannah wants, Lorenzo… The list could go on.

Right now at the age of 25 years old, Kyle Cassim is making bigger waves then ever, there is not a single club in South Africa That hasn’t heard his name and every day he is working harder to make sure his music touches the ears of people of different races, ages and demographics.

We caught up with Kyle for a quick chat ahead of his very first appearance at Park Acoustics.. This is what he had to say:

Interview: Kyle Cassim

[interview] KYLE CASSIM: Talented, Passionate and on the way Up!! Catch him at Park Acoustics this Saturday, 28th November.

  • Hey bud… nice to be chatting to you. How things going?
Im great buddy! Nice to see you, its been a while.
  • Before we get started, can you please introduce us to Kyle Cassim the DJ/Producer/Entertainer and tell us how you got started in music?
Ive actually been a dj since the age of 13, I’m now 26 so you could say for half my life i’ve been behind the dj box! I have however been professionally playing for 6 years now, but i feel like my career is only just getting started. I am a versatile house music dj, meaning i love playing all forms of deep house, funky house, techno and so forth! I currently have my own radio show on lucky radio and am balancing myself between gigs in cpt, jhb, mozambique, dbn and pat.
  • Where do you get inspiration from in your musical journey?
I look for my own inspiration , everyone has their own spark within themselves that makes them different from everyone else no matter what industry we are in, i strive to make mine shine and differentiate my music production and performances from everyone else by simply concentrating on myself and nothing else .
[interview] KYLE CASSIM: Talented, Passionate and on the way Up!! Catch him at Park Acoustics this Saturday, 28th November.
  • Our local scene has been growing positively over the past few years… What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently? 
I am actually very happy with the direction our local industry is going at the moment, we are getting a lot of recognition from there overseas market as well as huge support from our local market, our producers and performers are really working hard to place sa on the map.
  • Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?
Without a doubt Kyle Watson and Chunda Munki have done marvellous things in the local scene this year that has actually inspired lots of producers.
  • You are playing at the final Park Acoustics of 2015, which will be your first time ever… are you excited for this event? What can we expect from your sets?
I have always wanted to pop passed one and have never had the chance to, all i ever hear is great things about it so i am super excited to play. Apparently the vibe is crazy! You can expect a very happy baseline house set from me including 7 or 8 unreleased tracks of mine .
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  • Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?
My brother and i are busy working on a new alias as a duo for next year that we are super excited about, other than that i don’t like talking about what i’m up to, less talking more action  is what i’m about for 2016.
  • Where can we follow you on Social media?
I’m very active on social media so you can follow me on KYLE CASSIM on instagram, Facebookmix cloud and twitter!
  • Thanks for your time guys…!!
Pleasure bru, see you on Saturday

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