[interview] HEROINE playing at The Bohemia tonight…we catch up with them

[interview] HEROINE playing at The Bohemia tonight…we catch up with themHeroine is a all girls band from Somerset West who are being taken serially by their peers as well as themselves. They will be playing The Bohemia tonight for Boktober. We had a short chat to them, finding out how they got started and all the rest, hope you enjoy…

HEROINE – interview

[interview] HEROINE playing at The Bohemia tonight…we catch up with themMA: Hey there, how you doing? Nice to be chatting to you ladies!!

Sup Mixed Apples!! Yeah, pretty sweet how you doing? Very nice indeed!!

MA: We are doing great thanks… Before we get started and for those that know nothing about you, do you mind introducing yourself, telling us where you are from and giving us a short background on how you got started in music?

Yeah, shiiit, this is gonna be a long one.

Well, when we started off we were all from around Stellenbosch Somerset west side. Helcat (drummer) a fine arts student at Stellenbosch and Rox aka Dirty Shorty (vox and guirtar) from Somerset Best met though the music scene in Stellenboach and just became really good friends. The bands that they were in at the time went on tour and played lots of shows together but whenboth bands split up it left Hels and Roxy tripping on the idea of joining forces and keeping it fem.

Rox had met this babe from strand of all places, who has really mad skills on the guitar – Simonah Bassonah – and introduced her to hels, THAT was the beginning of Heroine – it just fucking worked.

We played a few shows without a bassist and it was rad but we were constantly on the look out for a Jenny Lee Lindberg of sorts…as a life partner/bassist because let’s face it, we all crush on that woman so hard.

Enters Nadine, a Stellenbosch Law student that Roxy knew from school actually, and suited the bill hard! Unfortunately after what might have been a year of jamming with Nadine, The Law took her away from us. FUCK THE POLICE!

Before that we had been playing a lot in Cape Town and played a couple of really sick shows with a band called Changeling and that’s when we met Ruby, she plays keys and guitar for them. We were always eyeing her out. What can we say! The girls got skills! When Nadine was recently taken from us we jumped Ruby and shoved a bass in her hands. Yep! It’s incredible! We all jell really well together in rehearsals, we’ve been writing a lot and Bohemia’s show will be Ruby’s first one with us. So hyped! We’re really happy this girl with us.

Yip yip yip!

MA: Describe your sound in 5 words please… 

Roxy: “Uh, ok, hmm, well, fuck”

Simone: “Frank, dreamy, grungy, stripped down and Beth Gibbons that’s all!”

MA: Where do you get most of your musical inspiration from?

Other musicians, people, places, mother nature yo, the past, the present, yep and the future, literature, everything! The subconscious is never ending. It’s hard to pin point the source of inspiration.

MA: Any challenges being an all girl band in a competitive music scene?

Well we haven’t really noticed any competitive vibes at all as of yet and we sincerely hope not to have to. People are nice if you’re nice to them. In the end we’re all doing each other favours.

If we had to think about our challenges I suppose being independent is one of them and not having a manager. It’s difficult channeling four different and equally relevant opinions into one vision or decision but we take our time and feel things out and it usually works out just fine. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

MA: Our local music scene has been growing in such a big way lately, what do you think are the positives at the moment and the reasons for the massive new appreciation for local music? 

The local music scene will always be changing shape and that’s rad. Keeps things exciting. Kids are learning how to do it and do it well and we’re stoked we’re around during this time. S.A still has a really long way to go but there are scenes in Cape Town that really making a change and creating channels for us to connect with the outside world which is so important!

MA: What have been some of the highlights of 2014 so far?

Recording our first ever EP which we will be releasing in due time. You hang in there kids!

Sjoe, Ramfest was rad! FOALS!! and those comedians in the morning really saved our lives. No better way to cure a hangover with some good laughs and more alcohol.

The Pit was stupid fun! We loved that show.

That one time this random guy started b-boying in front of the bands when we played a stripped down show with Changeling at The Waiting Room. That was epic. #real #art #realart.

The Golden Animals coming down was a trip and we were so stoked to share and intimate stage with them.

And mostly just meeting really rad people in general. Fans and other musos, it’s all been really sweet!


MA: You are playing the BOHEMIA this week, what can we expect from your set?

Shit’s gonna be rough – BUT THE BEST KIND. It’s gonna be thrashing! (that’s for you Ruby J )

Yeah, we weren’t actually planning on playing any shows until December but we couldn’t restrain ourselves. We just can’t keep away from the stage man haha, and we’re really stoked to check out Medicine Boy. Andre and Lucy are incredible.

(we might even through in a new song or two WHO KNOWS!)

MA: Any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

Well Ruby is obviously in Changeling and they are really one of our favourite South African bands. Roxy is actually singing with The Hollow Body tonight at Café Art in Stellenbosch. They occasionally play some shows together but other than that we’re all pretty focused on sweet sweet Heroine.

Yeah look out for our EP launch coming up soon in the mean time we’re busy writing our first full album so… Hyped!

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroine/293218637467944


MA: Thank you so much for your time…

Awesome! and thank you for yours!

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