[interview] HAWKWORD – Catch them at Arcade Empire 3rd birthday this weekend

Hawkword - Mixed Apples interview - Arcade Empire 3rd birthdayWhat do you get when you combine two totally wacked out but extremely talented producers together? “Animals on Acid, Jazz” i think you call it… well thats what they would call it. If you have not heard of HAWKWORD yet, get yourself on the intrawebs and search for this awesome duo, they make some radical music!! They will be rocking out at Arcade Empire for their 3rd birthday party, alongside HAEZER, on a night to be totally mind blowing. We caught up with them for a quick chat, take a look at what they had for us:


Hawkword - Mixed Apples interview - Arcade Empire 3rd birthday

MA: Hey guys, nice to be chatting to you…can you please give us a background on who Hawkword is and where you come from?

J & Z: Outer space – We’re cool cats who just make music together and cook. The music was just a byproduct. We’re really into the culinary thangs.

MA: What made you guys join forces to start Hawkword and what inspires and pushes you guys to break the boundaries of dance music?

J: I was visiting Zain and we were just sitting together, smoking “ciggies” and decided to make trap, but ended up trying something different. I’m not too sure we are breaking boundaries though.

Z: We don’t make dance music 😉 We make pretty much chilled electronica/hip-hop/nu-disco. Nothing groundbreaking really.

MA: What are your thoughts of the local music scene at the moment?

J: It’s really dope in my eyes. Lots of our homies doing rad stuff and releasing lots of cool tracks. There are also rad local compilations coming out from many of our favourite producers in the country, such as Slabofmisuse, the Gravvy Collective and naasMUSIC collective.

Z: I concur with Jwan. The local music scene is budding and the standard of production is incredible.

MA: Are you guys being sneaky and secretly working on a EP or do you just produce singles and release them sporadically?

J & Z: We’ve already released an EP on Cape Town based label “On A Break”. Our second EP is also due on the same label sometime this year. We’ve also done two remixes, one for Shortstraw and Twelv & Thesis. We’ve done a track for naasMUSIC’s Christmas compilation last year.

MA: Nice work…Talking about that fresh remix of Shortstraw’s “Bikini Weather” track, how was the response to it?

J: Well, the response from friends and other musicians was really positive but when it was played on 5FMs “Rate The Remix” we got bashed fucking hard by the listeners and callers.

Z: However, we received a 97% positive rating on the online voting polls. FUCK THE SYSTEM.

MA: You are playing at the Arcade Empire’s 3rd Birthday party… What can we expect from your set on the night?

J & Z: Baby making music. What else do you want?

Arcade Empire 3rd birthday - two MASSIVE events in store for you!!

MA: Nope, that sounds about perfect… Anything else that you are currently working on that we might be interested in?

J: A cookbook
Z: Meth

MA: OK Mr White 😉  

MA: Where can we catch you guys on social media?


MA: Lastly, do you have a special message for Arcade Empire on their born day?

WE LOVE YOU ARCADE. Don’t get anyone pregnant please, we’re too young to be uncles 😉


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