[interview] Glazin Gooch – New, energetic and on everyones lips // MieliePop Festival

[interview] Glazin Gooch - Pretoria based band on everyones lips // MieliePop Festival


Blazin Gooch is a five piece Pavement Rock band based in Pretoria. They are all about transcending the vibe they create live to an audience on any given platform. There is not a word to actually describe Blazin Gooch‘s sonic fusion as each gooch produces a not-so-conformed sound which birthed a rather controversial “pavement special” squeezed right out of the confined area of the music womb.

Energetic and in-your-face grooves married to filthy left-hook riffs will descend upon you and might just leave you startled while your mind is given a jolt back to the last moment of consciousness providing the cherry on top (of your crotch) as they’re waxing lyrical. And like the mixed-breed animals that they are, Blazin Gooch sets alight the stage in the most unseemly fashion; just as dirty the genes which they evolved from. Their presence has the power to connect to ones grundle which is the direct link between their music and the hearts of people.

So if it feels like your gooch is heating up, it’s probably Blazin Gooch trying to creep into your heart. Catch these cool cats at MieliePop Festival this year!! They will be jamming their own brand of energy on the Saturday 😀


[interview] Glazin Gooch - Pretoria based band on everyones lips // MieliePop Festival

MA: Hi gents, its really nice to chat to you, how are you doing?

  • Mixed Apples what’s cracking?! Where to start…Andre has been making sure we have pearly whites when we smile and Xan has been treating patients so that they are healthy enough to come jive out our shows – so we seem to be off to a good start.

MA: For those that dont know BLAZIN GOOCH, would you please start off with a short background on who BLAZIN GOOCH is, where do you come from and how you came together to form the band?

  • So Blazin Gooch is pretty much a tjommie group. We are kind of all friends through friends in and around Pretoria the East rand and Polokwane. Coenrie and Tager were in high school together and were generally your common “tokkle om die vuur” guys, so they started an acoustic band after school which birthed the idea of expansion I guess. Xan who was a primary school friend of Tager and played in a rad band called spilt milk joined the two crowd pleases to give them an extreme amount more gees! This was shortly lived; as everyone knows drummers despise acoustic shows. So Xan said “oi” I know this guy that has the “duk-est snar” ever. Say hello to Trisatn, who then said “oakes I know this guy who has the mak-est millie” and so we welcomed Andre. Essentually it was a concept of bring jou bru.

MA: Do you mind introducing to us the members?

  • On drums we have Xaber (xan). On the bass we have Groen slang (Tristan). On lead guitar Twakkie (andre). On rhythm guitar we have Cunu/Tlunu (coenrie). On the mic we have Ouvanilla (Tager).

MA: What are some of your influences that contribute to your original sound?

  • There are many different influences that we draw from. Some times it’s the sound of good love making, and other times it’s the sounds of double tapping shot glasses, but the influences we cherish most or sounds we listen to rather would be along the lines of – Menomina, Ramona falls, Queens of the stone age, Arctic monkeys, New academics, Bye Beneco…honestly we could continue writing names.

MA: You guys stepped onto the scene in a big way in 2015, playing at some rad events. How was 2015 for the band overall?

  • Yeah, 2015 was a great year for us and it was also our third year as a group of mates just jamming for the fun, so it motivated us to finally bring out our first full album which should be out in March/April.

[interview] Glazin Gooch - Pretoria based band on everyones lips // MieliePop Festival

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene currently? Anything you think that can improve?

  • Honestly we are starting to see some of the most incredible bands popping up and the coolest part of it all is that everyone loves everyone. Its pretty inspiring listening to local talent and taking from and learning from each other is such an awesome experience. There are many ups and downs in our industry but we prefer not to get involved in any politics and just jam! Always room for improvement though / more venues which is a toughie.

MA: You have been booked to play at MIELIEPOP FESTIVAL 2016…. Are you excited about this?? What can we expect from your live performance at the festival?

  • Excited would be an extreme understatement. We are incredibly grateful to be on a line up with all the greatest acts in our country, it’s overwhelming. This will be our first MIELIEPOP and we will definitely not let it be forgotten. We can promise an absolutely energetic set. And we strive to be labled one of the best live and energetic bands on the stage at MILIEPOP this year so gather round ma goochies cause we setting that stage alight!

[WIN TICKETS] MIELIEPOP FESTIVAL 2016 - 18 - 21 March 2016

MA: Anything that you are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

  • Well our first full album that we are currently in studio working on is extremely exciting for us! Also we are hitting up a tour of the country in April with our brothers at Scarlotte Will, and hopefully there will be a killer documentary that will come out of that too.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

  • You can pretty much find us on all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and hopefully as soon as the album is ready itunes will be home too.

MA: Thanks for your time…!!

  • Don’t miss us on the Saturday at MILLIEPOP 2016 we are coming out guns Blazin.

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