[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Music Video for GOTTA BE YOU

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Music Video for GOTTA BE YOU

Today sees the release of a brand new music video from EASY FREAK for their latest single, GOTTA BE YOU, which was released earlier in October.

The video was shot and directed by Brett Jones from Pretty Handsome Films over the course of 2 days in August 2016 in Johannesburg, at various locations, including a underground parking lot in Sandton and in studio.Together with Brett, the duo worked on the concept for the video. EASY FREAK wanted to keep the video and story line fairly simple, together with Brett’s creative and colourful ideas and direction to deliver some striking shots.

The video builds on the energy and groove depicted in the song which makes you want to dance, with the motion and colour adding an extra element of excitement to the video to complete the whole package.

“We love to dance in the band, which is why we love dance music. That’s also why we love to see dance and movement in a music video. We’re incredibly excited about this video release. Brett did an incredible job and we’re really stoked with his work. We’re definitely proud of this one and can’t wait to share it.” 

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Music Video for GOTTA BE YOU

Buy GOTTA BE YOU here on iTunes.

The single is also available on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and all other leading online music stores.

Interview: EASY FREAK

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Music Video for GOTTA BE YOU
MA: Sup gents… How you guys doing? 

All good!

MA: Lets get started with a quick 101 on who Easy Freak is?? Where do you guys come from? Who are the members and what part do they play in the duo?

We are from Durban, KZN. We’re a 2 piece consisting of Dom Hurd (Vocals and guitar) and Jude Kenrick (Vocals and drums).

MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from in your “sound”?

We have so many different elements and influences involved in our sound. There is a strong pop undertone, with flashes of funk and soul guitaring, and house and electronic beats. We use a lot of rich harmony as well which derives from our jazz background.

MA: What are your thoughts on our local music scene at the moment and if there is anything you wish to see happen differently?

Durban is producing so many quality acts, but can tend to be a bit quiet sometimes. But we are so proud of the level of South African music at the moment, and so stoked with the direction it’s going.

[interview] EASY FREAK Releases Music Video for GOTTA BE YOU

MA: Are there any local acts that you think need a special mention?

Our friends Raheem Kemet, Sketchy Bongo, Aewon Wolf, Kyle Deutsch, Gangs of Ballet, Josh Wantie and Edisontide are all from Durbs and are putting out such good content!

MA: You guys are about to drop your latest music video for the track, FRIDAY… What can we expect from the video?

We’re so excited to release the video! It has a ton of energy, colour and movement and dance was an integral part of the video. We’re really happy and proud of the end result.

MA: Anyone that needs a special mention regarding this video?

We can’t say thank you enough to our good friend Brett Jones, who directed and filmed the video. His creativity and enthusiasm were so good to be around and we think he did some phenomenal work.

MA: Anything that you guys are currently working on that we would be interested in hearing about?

We are always writing and recording so look forward to an E.P being released in the near future.

MA: Where can we follow you on Social media?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/EasyFreakMusic

Watch the Music Video here:

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