[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!Ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived, when Italian DJ/Producer duo Dis&Dat arrive in South Africa for their AN UNDERGROUND LOVESTORY SA TOUR, brought to you by us, Mixed Apples. So just in time for this epic 3 week, 8 event tour, reaching 3 cities (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town), we bring you their mix for AppleTeazer 002 and a very interesting interview with the boys!! Hope you enjoy!!


[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!MA: Hi guys…its so awesome to be chatting to you!! How are you doing?

Hello! We actually just came back home from our last party at Unoise Club here in Italy. We are great, so excited to go on our first big tour.

MA: Before we get started, would you mind introducing yourselves to us and giving us a brief background on how guys met?

Yes of course! so, we met for the first time more or less 3 years ago at Tini Sound Garden (Tuscany, Italy), where we have a residency now Saturdays featuring close Dj friends. Tini is kind of a home to us, we as artists started there

MA: How/When did you guys decide to come together to form Dis&Dat? 

We started being a duo because we noticed we were actually into the same kind of music with deep, slow and a kind of blue atmosphere. We played the same music, went for the same artists, so we just got to know each other a bit better and the duo was born!

MA: Which artists have been influences to you and in your sound/music?

Obviously TINI, she actually gave birth to the duo. We developed our music following her and her music, going to her gigs and listening to her recordings from festivals and parties all over the world. In the last months we really discovered the power of romanian artists, like Livio&Roby, Rhadoo, Rhadow, Raresh, Petre Inspirescu etc. and since then are enriching our sets with those sounds, with that special mood and now it’s another thing!! Our music is developing into another direction now.

[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!! [Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

MA: Ok, now that we know a little bit more about you, lets get to the exciting part. You are coming down to South Africa for a 2 week tour. Are you guys excited about this?

We can’t wait to finally be there in SA with all the other guys! We already know there will be a beautiful atmosphere, ”family atmosphere”, we are so happy to know all the Mixed Apples crew and the SA people. We’ll get superb fun and good vibes, we’re sure about it!!

MA: What are you guys looking forward to the most, from the tour?

So, our tour will be a nice experience and will make us grow, in all different areas, surely our sound will become inspired by those experiences too! In the end music is emotion, what you feel is what you transmit, what you experience will be told in your sound.

MA: What can we expect from your sets at the various events in South Africa?

We have to perform in different types of events, this means different sounds at different times and with different crowd. We therefore have to prepare different sets and prepare well to choose the right music to create the right atmosphere to make people enjoy our music at every single show.

MA: What have you guys heard about our underground house scene in South Africa?

To be honest, we didn’t know hardly nothing, as its still growing and haven’t been a big topic over here in Europe. But that changed a few months ago and now after listening to some podcasts of SA djs, we can say that you guys create really good vibes so we think, or better we are convinced that we will find ourselves playing among talented artists of a great underground scene in cool venues with a lovely crowd.

MA: Is there anyone that you guys wish to give a shoutout to?

Well a big hug to all the guys from Unoise Club San Giustino, to all our friends in Cecina and in Rosignano, our hometowns, to all our fans, followers and supporters, to our lovely manager Maxi and last but not least thanks to our parents that every single day have to stand our mess!! ahaha

[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

MA: Are there any other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

At the moment we are working on some new EP, but will it take a while to be released, because we are very strict about our works and if we aren’t satisfied, we won¥t let them be released. We want to focus on something special, a proper work on a quality label. We are very strict with ourselves, so it might take us a bit but It¥ll be worth it.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

We use mostly our Facebook and Soundcloud pages, you can also find us on Resident Advisor.

MA: Thank you so much for your time. We cant wait to have you here in sunny SA!!

Thanks to you, see you soon guys..stay tuned!

AppleTeazer 002 – Mixed by Dis&Dat (Italy)


[Interview] DIS&DAT (Italy) arrive in South Africa and are ready to bring the underground!!

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