[Interview] Christelle Duvenage – Catching up with this talented photographer

Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed ApplesIt was a very busy 2014 for the South African music scene in general, which meant many more awesome events and many more incredible artists breaking onto the scene. This also means that the talented Live band/event photographers had a super busy time in the past 12-18 months! Of of the VERY BEST in the business is our friend Christelle Duvenage, who always seems to capture bands in the perfect moment!! Take a look at the catch-up interview we had with her recently, with a few rad images that we selected off of here page, hope you enjoy:


Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples

Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples

Hey Christelle, you doing well? Nice to be chatting to you again.

Mixed Apples! I am well thank you, it is always fantastic finding a mail from you guys in my inbox, and even though it’s already a few months into the year, I hope it brings all kinds of greatness your way!

So tell us, how was 2014 for you? We saw your work all over the interwebs 😉 Always quality work! 

Haha, thank you so much! Yeah, 2014 was quite a busy one for me, I feel like 2015 has started rather slow in comparison. Last year this time I was excited for Comeback Kid touring SA, and anyone who knows me will know just how crazy enthusiastic I was to see those guys live, let alone shoot them, and I suppose it will be rather difficult for any new year to compare to that. In general 2014 gave me many fantastic opportunities to shoot both local and international bands, too meet brilliant and like-minded people, some whom I’ve made friends, others whom I will never forget, and I hope 2015 treats me just as kindly.

Any moments, events or photoshoots that stood out for you last year? 

Without a doubt shooting Comeback Kid live. That is one I will treasure forever. Two other international bands that toured our country and genuinely impressed me, not only by their impressive live performances, but also their down to earth attitudes and the generous and thoughtful manner in which they treated fans, writers and photographers, were Dreamshade and Affiance. Loved those two bands.

It was also fantastic to have Half Price tour Gauteng towards the end of the year. I missed them on their last tour, so it’s been years since the last time I’ve seen them play live. They have just the right amount of energy, fun, and nudity to keep people going back to their shows.

Talking about nudity, who can forget all the topless ladies at the Asking Alexandris show? And since I’m mentioning toplessness, I’m looking forward to see a collaborated I did with Cortina Whiplash, shooting a couple of boob portraits that they will be using in an upcoming video.

Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples

What are your thoughts of our local music scene and your fellow togs shooting live evens with you? 

I love our local scene. It’s very hard for me not to. Not only do we have some seriously talented and hardworking musos and photographers in there, most of them are also the kindest and utmost supportive and caring people I have met.

That being said, I feel like general South Africa can put in more effort when it comes to supporting shows. I hear people saying things like “I’m not going because I only know one of the bands playing” and “I’ve got better ways to spend R50 than to watch three bands perform live” and with the same breath asserting their love for local music. That is ridiculous. If you only know one of the bands, get to know the others by supporting the show! If you’d really rather use that R50 to buy what can’t be anything more than two drinks, you should consider what most bands probably have given up to be at that venue where you are refusing to pay entrance, an entrance fee of which they will probably only see (if even) a small percentage, a percentage that they will hope cover some of their petrol expenses. Be less self-interested, be open minded, experience new music, learn something new about yourself, and give bands a chance.

You also had some of your pictures on sale as prints. How was the response on that?

The response has been good, and I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed by how extremely nice some of the local bands have been, giving me space for my photos on their merch tables. If we can’t support each other, then who will hey?

Are you looking forward to 2015? Are there any projects you working on that we might be interested in?

I am definitely looking forward, nothing quite as enticing as the not yet defined. I might have a project that I will be working on, but it’s not yet at the stage where I can leave any hints or suggestions.

Anyone you wish to “shoot” in 2015, internationally or locally?

I don’t actually have a 2015 shoot wish list yet. I hope I can continue working closely with our local bands, maybe go on one or two tours. That would be great. I’ll interpret this year as it reveals itself.

Where can we find you on the interwebs?

The usual places, Facebook: Christelle Duvenage Photography, Twitter: @StellaTeleur, and Instagram: @stellateleur. Oh! I also have a website: christelleduvenage.com.

Thank you for your time… All the best for the year ahead!! 

No, thank you for always having time for me! I definitely owe you a drink or two! Take care.

Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples Christelle Duvenage Photography - Feature on Mixed Apples


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