[interview] Catch The KIFFNESS at a World Of Park Acoustics this Sunday…

[interview] Catch The KIFFNESS at a World Of Park Acoustics this Sunday...This weekend you can party in the Pretoria sun, at one of the best event that happens each and every month, PARK ACOUSTICS. September is always one of their biggest events, this year they are calling it THE WORLD OF PARK ACOUSTICS, with 4 dance floors and over 20 LIVE acts, this is sure to be one hell of a party!! Maybe we should take Monday off to recover… One of the acts that will be performing LIVE, on the Electronic Floor, and a band that we have wanted to chat to, ever since seeing them play at Oppikoppi 2013, is THE KIFFNESS. This eccentric electronic duo who reside now in Cape Town have been on the rise the last couple of years, entertaining crowds all over the country with their super energetic sounds and epic live performances. We caught up with them for a quick chat, this is what they had to say:


[interview] Catch The KIFFNESS at a World Of Park Acoustics this Sunday...

MA: Hey guys, very nice to be chatting to you!! Its been a while that we have wanted to have a chat with you guys, so thanks for your time…

KIFF: Great pleasure!

MA: Before we get started, do you mind introducing yourselves to us, telling us where you come from and how you started out in music?

KIFF: We both went to Michaelhouse high school in Natal. We were in the jazz band & the choir together throughout our time there so that’s where the friendship was formed. I started producing music in high school on a laptop that my brother handed down to me. I would make music in the holidays and come back to school and play it to my school mates. It was just something that I had to do and I felt that it was something I could do for a living one day. Black Norris and I parted ways after school but joined forces again when we were both living in Cape Town.

MA: Do you mind introducing the band to us and telling us what each person’s role is in the band?

KIFF: I’m the music producer & I play keys and trumpet in live. Black Norris plays drums & bass live.

MA: We love the name, THE KIFFNESS!! Is there any “kiff” story behind the name or is it just a catchy name that you guys thought would perfectly describe yourselves?

KIFF: The idea behind the band name was to create a name that was uniquely South African. When you search for ‘Kiffness’ on Google our band is pretty much the only thing that comes up which is useful.

[interview] Catch The KIFFNESS at a World Of Park Acoustics this Sunday...

MA: Where do you guys take inspiration from in your music?

KIFF: Growing up I listened to a lot of Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Fat Boy Slim, Air & St. Germain. Goldfish were the first South African band that I heard of that blending electronic dance sounds with live instruments which was something that interested me, so they became a big influence.

MA: If I had to ask you to explain your music in 5 words… how would you do so?
KIFF: I have no idea. Kiff?

MA: You will be playing at the Park Acoustics: A World Of Park Acoustics. Are you excited about this gig? What can we expect from your performance?

KIFF: Yes we’re very excited! We’ve heard great things about Park Acoustics and we’re really amped to be a part of it. You can expect a lot of energy & some kiff dance moves.

Jack Daniels Presents A World Of Park Acoustics: Sunday, 31st September

MA: The SA music industry has been growing in a huge way the last few years… what do you think are the reasons for this massive growth in our local music scene?

KIFF: Technology has made it a lot easier & cheaper for anyone to make music. If you wanted to make music in the past you needed the backing of a record label and/or a lot of money. Nowadays, if you have a bit of spare change you can get your hands on decent recording equipment and you can make entire album from your bedroom, making it a lot easier to express yourself creatively.

MA: You guys have just released your album called KIFF… Where can people get a copy of the album and what can we expect from this much anticipated album release??

KIFF: The album is available on iTunes & the physical album is now recently available in Musica stores nationwide. There’s a lot of collaborations on the album, including Shortstraw who feature on our latest single ‘Find A Way’. The hope is that it’s the kind of album that you’d want to listen to by your poolside.

[interview] Catch The KIFFNESS at a World Of Park Acoustics this Sunday...

MA: What have been some of your best moments as a band thus far?
KIFF: We enjoy playing at festivals. OppiKoppi this year & Rocking the Daisies last year were phenomenal shows for us.

MA: Are you working on anything else that we might be interested in?

KIFF: I’m working on The Kiffness (DJ Set). I was a club & radio DJ during my University days so I’m excited to have a DJ set as an alternative to our live show.

MA: Where can we follow you? 

@thekiffness on Twitter & Instagram

MA: Thank you very much for your time once again…

KIFF: Thanks for having us on Mixed Apples. See you at Park Acoustics!

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