[interview] BITTEREINDER – Immanent release of their latest album, SKERM.

[interview] BITTEREINDER - Immanent release of their latest album, SKERM.One of the most exciting South African acts to emerge in the last 10 years, has to be the Afrikaans electro rap group, BITTEREINDER… They have been entertaining thousands all over the country, actually the world, for the past half a decade, with their energetic LIVE shows and very catchy, almost infectious beats and rap solo’s. They have just come off a successful 2nd album, DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN, released in November 2012, with the first 3 singles reached number 1 positions on radio and video charts across South Africa. DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN was also nominated for a SAMA, an MK Award and a Tempo Award. They have now completed their 3rd studio album, SKERM, which is set to be released on iTunes on Monday 6th Oct. You can pre-order your copy now (see link below), securing yourself the hottest album to hit SA this year!! We had a quick chat with Jaco and the rest of the gents, check what they had to say:


[interview] BITTEREINDER - Immanent release of their latest album, SKERM.

MA: Hey guys, such a pleasure to be chatting to you again!! Thanks for your time.. Bittereinder have been on the SA music scene for some time now and you guys don’t seem to be slowing down one bit!! What have been some of your best memories of 2014 thus far? 

Oppikoppi Odyssey was epic, as always, yesterday’s Park Acoustics show was also a hell of a way to start the SKERM launch tour. We’ve also had a great time travelling around the country, spending hours on the road planning our next moves.
MA: For the people reading this that don’t know much about Bittereinder, can you please introduce the band and how you came together to form Bittereinder?
Basically, there’s a Jakkals, there’s a Leeu, and there’s a Perske, and they joined forces in 2009 to create Afrikaans electro rap the likes of which has never been heard before or since.
MA: What have been some of the challenges you guys have had to deal with over the years? 
Each other. Haha but seriously we’ve put our friendships first throughout all our projects, so we make sure our band-fights always get resolved.
MA: You describe yourselves as a “3-man Think/Dance Machine”… can you elaborate on this for us please?
Dance at the show, read the lyrics at home.
MA: Whats the background of the band name Bittereinder?
It means die-hard, someone who never gives up.
MA: You have just finished your third studio album, called SKERM. What can we expect from this latest offering and how does it differ from DIE DINKDANSMASJIEN?
It differs mostly because it has different songs on it. Haha. Also, there’s way more melodic singalong choruses than we’ve ever done, plus way fewer colabs.
MA: Where and when can we expect SKERM to go on sale? 
Already available for pre-order on iTunes, it goes live on 6 October. In stores mid October. And of course signed copies are available at all our live shows!
[interview] BITTEREINDER - Immanent release of their latest album, SKERM.
Pre-Order Link (album live on iTunes on Monday): https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/skerm/id915808977
MA: You guys have an awesome Live show, which you showed ONCE AGAIN this past weekend at THE WORLD OF PARK ACOUSTICS, how much fun are you guys having up there?
Probably illegal amounts…
MA: From this new album, what track are you most excited for?
They’re all great, we really feel this is the best work we’ve ever done (which is of course an important thing to feel upon releasing new work). The people we’ve played the album too, both in SA and abroad, seem to be drawn to “The Ones (featuring Tumi Molekane and Tim Beumers)” and “Klankanatomie”.
MA: Are you working on a album tour this year still?
Yes! It started officially at Park Acoustics…Then we’re launching the album in Pretoria on 11 October at Arcade Empire, in Potch atAardklop, and 3 launches in the Cape from 22-24 October. Watch our fb page for gig dates, venues and tour posters.
[interview] BITTEREINDER - Immanent release of their latest album, SKERM.
MA: Anything else that you are working on that we might be interested in?
We’re cooking up some new video ideas, and our Dutch friend Tim Beumers is joining us for two gigs on the launch tour too, so we’re excited about that!
MA: Where can people follow you?
instagram: @bitterjakkals, @tootiredtodisco, @louisminnaar

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