[interview & album review] HELLO BEAUTIFUL releases self titled album.

[interview] HELLO BEAUTIFUL Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

HELLO BEAUTIFUL is the solo project of talent musician Matthieu Auriacombe, who also plays bass for the bands kidofdoom & Beach Party, as well as drums for Black Lung. Music runs through this young mans veins like Jager flows through Jack Parow’s, which is very evident in his awesome, self titled, debut album. Hello Beautiful is where Matthieu can express his very own musical inspirations, without limitations or contest. The album showcases Matthieu on a very different level, where he expresses his passion for 80’s instrumentation and sic-fi movies, with a unique HELLO BEAUTIFUL sound to it. Take a look at this short interview we recently did with Matthieu, as well as our 10 cents on this rad album, hope you enjoy:


[interview] HELLO BEAUTIFUL Releases Self-Titled Debut Album - Photo Credit NELIS BOTHA

MA: Hey there, how you doing? Its awesome to be chatting to you!! Do you mind giving us the quick 101 on HELLO BEAUTIFUL. (Where you come from, how you got into music?)

Hello Beautiful is my solo project, i started it in 2009, only started releasing music in 2013. I’ve always wanted to be a musician and be in bands, i thank my older brother for passing on the music he listened to, to me. He plays a part in the fact that i’m a musician now. Born in France, grew up in South Africa (Pretoria)

MA: You already play in the bands Beach Party and Kidofdoom. What made you want to start HELLO BEAUTIFUL? How is it different to your roll in the bands?

I recently also joined a punk band called ‘Black Lung’, i play drums for them. I’ve always wanted to do my own project, so i started Hello Beautiful. Well i play Bass in Beach Party & Kidofdoom, and in Hello beautiful i compose, produce and record all the music myself.

MA: Who was your biggest influence growing up, regarding music and pushing you to follow that path?

My older brother ‘Johan’, he got me into this stuff in the first place. What a champion.

MA: Where do you take inspiration from in your music?

Other music, things i see on a daily biases, Sci-Fi movies.

[interview] HELLO BEAUTIFUL Releases Self-Titled Debut Album - Photo Credit NELIS BOTHA

MA: Your self titled debut album is dropping soon, this must be a very exciting time for you? What can we expect from this album? Similar to what we heard from your EP- SUPERNOVA LOVE?

Very exciting yes. A bit of a different sound, new collaborations with other artists and also instrumental tracks.

MA: Do you have a favourite song on the album?

They are all my favourite songs.

MA: Are you planning any sort of tour with this album? We would love to see you playing back at Arcade Empire again.

Some shows are in the works, but yes, definitely doing shows in Pretoria, Joburg, Cape Towe, Durban & Potch early next year.

MA: Are there other projects that you are working on that we might be interested in hearing about?

I’ll leave that for another time, launching something that will be a part of Hello Beautiful in 2015.

MA: Where can we follow you on social media?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellobeautifulproducer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hello_B_

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/hello-beautiful-1


[interview] HELLO BEAUTIFUL Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Music is the universal language, however not everyone that loves music, will love the same kinds of music. Some of us are influenced and appreciative of the instrumentation in music, some of us love the lyrics and the angelic vocals on certain track, everyone has their preferences. This album showcases what influences Matthieu as a solo producer and musician.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL is an instrumental based album, with sounds that seem to come from different eras, little pieces here and there, coming together so effortlessly, making it very easy to listen to. Universe is the first singe to have a music video for, which takes a lady on a little journey into discovery (well thats what it made me feel watching it), similar to how that song makes me feel, like I am deep in my subconscious, discovering myself. Its not only Universe that gives you this sense on discovery, it is the main theme of the album.

The album also has some amazing lyrical collaborations to it, like in the song, Hello Beautiful, which has the guest appearance of Harmony Boucher, giving the song such a soothing sound. HELLO BEAUTIFUL has such a dreamy, futuristic even, feeling to it, giving me a sense of motivation and wanting to tap my feet to the rhythmic melodies and awesome compositions. This album is one that you put on while driving or as you get home from a long day of work, pump up the volume and just let your mind float away into the clouds.

The Empire Strikes Back sounds like the theme song to a epic intergalactic “fight of the Gods” sci-fi movie and just pumps through your veins with so much intensity that you just want to blare your speakers to max and just run around the house with your arms in the air.  Overall, this album is dreamy, its inspirational and it will make you moooooove!!! Go out and support this amazing musician…



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