In review- Bittereinder Skerm


Pretoria’s very own 3 man rap crew Bittereinder have recently released their third studio album titled “Skerm”, a 13 track tour through the mind of master lyricist Jaco van der Merwe. Picking up on the successes from the previous 2 albums, “Ware verhaal” and “Dink Dans Masjien” Bittereinder hit the ground running from track one with heavy basslines, clever verses and a truly authentic sound.

Skerm, as we have come expect from Bittereinder, is just brilliant. Taking Afrikaans rap music to new levels, straying away from what has become the norm in terms of this relatively young genre. The lyrics laid down to the unusual and catchy beats makes for a pretty unique listening experience. It would appear that at times while listening to the album you would think of it as a bit of an ode to South African music and the musical landscape as a whole.

“We wanted to make an album that could cut through screens. Because screens are wrapping us up and slowly choking us all like boa constrictors. So the album is basically a large sharp panga.”

Along with the Trio of Bittereinder, you will also get to hear some great collaborations done with the likes of Tumi Molekane, Tim Beumers and Hemelbesem.

With a production like this, one can be pretty sure that a SAMA or 2 is on the cards for Bittereinder 2015. I have been a fan of these gents for some time and hardly ever miss a live show.. Skerm will be the testimony that this band is here to stay, growing from strength to strength, refining and maturing their sound as time progresses.

Get yourself a copy of Bittereinder Skerm right here

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