In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus is a section of mixed apples where we showcase a talented photographer whom we have crossed paths with along the way, acting as a platform where they can introduce themselves to us. This time, we would like to introduce Pretoria based photographer, Henk Steyn. We came across some of his awesome images of Arcade Empire events, or from other Drum & Bass events in Gauteng, so we decided to catch up with him, getting to know him a bit better…this is what he had to say:

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

  • Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you got started in photography? 

Hi guys, I started photograohy at a very young age. Always loved photography. When I was 20, I use to take photos of my friends band with my cheap poloroid digital camera. When I turned 21, is when I started a year course at Oakfields College. Even before the classes started I would go to Schivas Rock with my new Cannon 450D camera and my dads very old flash and take photos of bands. This is where I got into band photography. From there it progressed, where I went on to do another year course the following year at Vega Pretoria (old national college of photography). Now I have been working for 4 years as a freelance photographer and have never looked back.

  •  What have been some of your influences in your career choice? 

Some of my influences would be art, music, capturing priceless moments and memories and especially working with and around people as well as to travel.

  • There are many amazing talented photographers in SA at the moment, what has you most excited about the industry at the moment? 

There are a lot of young, up and coming photographers now, which puts pressure on guys who have been in the scene for a while, to up their game or be left behind. As I always say, you need to push yourself every day to become even better. That’s the only way you will grow in what you are busy doing.

  • What would you say is your style of photography and what has inspired you into that specific direction?

Hahaha that’s a difficult one. I use to have a specific style until mid of last year, that’s when I changed my style and my company name from Fantasy Photography to Henk Steyn Photography (best move I ever made). I try to shoot mostly colour these days, instead of black & white, where as I use to shoot a lot of black an whites in the past. But truly depends on where I am shooting and how the lighting setup is. If its amazing lighting I shoot colour and if the lighting is bad then I would go for black & white but also depends on the mood you want to create.

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

  • We see you often at venues like Arcade Empire, taking awesome LIVE photos of the bands and DJ’s. Is this where your heart lies?

I have always loved band / live photography and will always do but my passion is also with model / studio work, product shoots (for company catalogues), festivals, landscapes and now also weddings.

  • To date, what has been your best achievement as a photographer?  

Mmmm that is also a tricky question. I would say getting my work featured in One Small Seed magazine a few years ago about a shoot I did for LA Cobra. Would also be my work being featured at Oppi Koppi Sweet Thing on the projection screens as well as my photo I shot of Haggis and Bong that they used as their background picture on stage during Ramfest this year.

  • Is there anything you are working on that we would be interested in?

There are a couple things I am busy with as we speak. Landscape / travel photos I took when I was in Zimbabwe, some new model / fasion work as well as leaving for Durban on Friday to cover 2 events for Uber Cool at their party at Origin and Absolute.

  • Where do you see yourselves, career wise, in 5 years time? 

* I see myself in 5 years time hopefully more well known as a photographer in Gauteng and South Africa with a successful studio and hopefully more expensive camera gear. One can never have enough.

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

  • Where can people follow you? 

People can follow me on my page on facebook:

As well as on my website:

  • Lastly, if you could shoot any festival in the world, what would it be?

The festivals I would like to shoot at this stage would be Tomorrowland, Wacken Fest, Redding Fest, Oz Fest, Rocking the Daisies and Splashy Fen. Also really wanna go and do Fun in the Sun again in Durban. Such an amazing vibe to shoot and cover.


Here is some more images of Henk’s work, hope you enjoyed the feature

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples

In-Focus: Henk Steyn Photography - Mixed Apples



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