HOUSEHOLD FUNK getting ready for HK008

HouseHold Funk CharactersThis weekend sees the guys from House Knights throwing their latest event, HK008, which is bound to be a night of partying, dancing and good vibes. One of the acts that are on the bill for the evening is AB & Les AfriQue from HOUSEHOLD FUNK, so we got hold of the guys to see what they are up to, this is how it went down:

MA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today,  A bit of background…

Les and AB have been working together/DJing together almost every weekend for the past 10 years. Les however knew Justin from High School days and brought Justin in to let AB check out how talented he was. The rest is history.

LesAfriQue HHF

MA: What/who have been some of your influences?

The people and the fans inspire us. In our life experiences and travels, we always meet people that inspire us to create and entertain.
We also look up to some music heroes such as Wu-Tang Clan, Michael Jackson and Linkin Park, as well as Mike Shinoda.

MA: What has you most excited about our local music industry?

We seems to be evolving and progressing towards an international level of success. We definitely have the talent in this country, we just need people to invest in this talent. However, It would be great if we could change the sound /perception of the sound associated with Electronic Dance Music. We don’t feel you can actually define Electronic Dance music.


MA: To date, what has your best achievement been?

We would say recording our first compilation album was a great accomplishment for us, especially since we included some original tracks of ours, which received radio play.

MA: You are playing at the House Knights HK008 event, what do you enjoy the most about these parties?

We enjoy the atmosphere and the regular crowd who come to these parties. We always have a great time with the House Knights crew.

MA: What can we expect from you on Saturday night?

You can expect to enjoy our sound and get to hear a few new tracks of our own which we have been working on.

Justin Chalice HHF

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we might be interested in?

We are always working on new original material and are planning to really buckle down in this area now. Hopefully we will have a new album out soon.

MA: Who would be the one person you would like to play back to back with?

Teenage Mutants

MA: Where can people get hold of you and what you get up to?

You can check out all of our social network pages, or you can check out our website which has recently been revamped. Our gigs will all be posted up there.

HK008 flyerEvent flyer:


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