Getting familiar with Sannie Fox, catch her at Park Acoustics this Sunday!

Sannie FoxSo this weekend will be the final Park Acoustics event of the year, which means its going to be a proper party!! This also gives us a great opportunity to get to know some of the acts performing on the day, so be prepared for some great interviews coming up this week!! Firstly we would like to introduce you to this lovely lady, Sannie Fox, who will be jamming at the BOS Acoustics Stage at 14:40.In the meantime, have a look at how she got started and everything else you need to know about her:

Sannie Fox

  • Tell us a little bit of about yourselves, i bit of background on the band?

I am a solo artist and usually perform with a three piece, I play electric guitar, sing and write songs.  I have a bassist and a drummer and various other guests depending on the type of show.  This is my first collab with Mix&Blend and I am very excited about putting this track out!

  • How would you describe you sound?

I would say its pretty eclectic, I play everything ranging from rock, to folk, to hip hop, dance, I play ballads, heavy music, light music, delta blues, dub, I love so much music and I think this tends to filter into the song writing and the playing!

  • What are some of the influences in your sound?

I have a lot of artists who inspire me like John Lee Hooker, Massive Attack, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Janice Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Lauren Hill, Fugees, many dead, some alive, Etta James too, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Amalia Rodriguez, Maritza, the list is pretty endless.  I play electric guitar mainly, there are lots of riffs, this influences the sound.  I also read the newspapers almost every day and the things I read about going on in the world fascinate me and I write a lot about what I read.  Most importantly I try and keep it real and have no issues with music that makes you want to groove.

  • What has you excited about the local music industry?

City Soiree are doing some exciting things for the industry in the form of their crowd funded concerts, it has never before been done in SA and it is going well.  There are also always new and exciting artists and albums to look out for, there are amazing musicians in SA.  I get excited in Summer because it is a great time to gig and play live.  There is a culture in Cape Town of attendance in the Summer season, there are a lot of opportunities to share the music with a lot of people, in Winter things are more quiet, it is better to be in studio in Winter or overseas playing shows.

  • You guys are playing at the final Park Acoustics of 2013, does this excite you guys and what can we expect from your performance?

I think some super high energy as always can be expected from Mix and specifically EJ von Lyric, I am very much looking forward to singing Rebel Gun Rider live for the first time with a live band, it will be an honour to share the stage with this talented bunch.  Also really love Park Acoustics as a venue to play, I will be playing a solo set with a stripped three-piece at 14:00 as the last show of my tour to JHB/ PTA.

Park Acoustics-november-2013

  • What other project are you guys working on?

I am pretty focused on the solo shows currently, bar the odd guest collab which is always wonderful, I recently worked with Derek Gripper, The Brother Moves On and I will be working with Mr Cat and the Jackal this week for their up and coming album which is going to be amazing.   Possibly on the cards another Mix collab, most predominantly I am totally focused on tying up all my solo material so I can release the full album early next year.

  • Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

I would like to think I would have put out at least two or three albums in the next 5 years and I will be the owner of an MG (old James Bond one), doesn’t matter which colour.

  • Where can we follow you guys? (social media)

Follow me here- Facebook –


And for updates on shows and releases, send your email address to

  • Lastly, is there any festival in the world you would still love to play at one day?

Glastonbury/ Coachella !!!!!

Sannie Fox


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