Get to know Nicole Pereira #ConsProjectJHB


Nicole is a 20 year old, young lady from Johannesburg, who has a passion for photography. Born with the urge to capture beautiful moments. It all started with her first camera phone and the uncontrollable desire to snap anything she could, today it has turned into her Canon 60D and her constant trigger happy hands. She shoots anything and everything that grabs her attention, taking the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments in life. Her biggest inspiration are the beautiful streets of Jozi CBD, which is her home and growing place. 

MA:  What inspires and stimulates your creativity?

I think a combination of how I want to share the way I look at things along with the rawness of Jozi streets creates my hunger to photograph whatever I can. 

MA: How has South Africa been an influence in your life and your work?

Our beautiful country doesn’t get nearly enough credit as it deserves. The ability to capture moments is one thing but the actual moment and all that it’s about is even more amazing, our country is a beautiful playground and the diverse people and places make for art on its own. For me growing up in a country that has experienced struggle and also growth has been nothing short of a blessing. 


MA: What do the words “Converse” and “CONS” represent to you?

It means having a mutual basis for diverse people to interact, to learn and to grow. 


MA: What are your thoughts of Johannesburg being chosen to showcase this awesome CONS Project?

For me especially it makes me so proud as Jozi has been one of my biggest inspirations so far in my Photography career. Johannesburg is a strong beautiful city with so much to offer and it is great opportunity the CONS project has provided to showcase this.

MA: Where to next for Nicole? 

  My dream is to share my vision with the world, so the next step for me is to pursue that.

MA: Looking back at your career, what would you say has been your most memorable moment?

Usually I would say something like a big event I took photos at but I would say the highlight would definitely be teaching a 6 year old how to use my camera.

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