Gambit – Round 2

Round 2:

It’s been a month and I’m back with another little write up! Firstly – A massive thank you to all who read my previous post and passed it along. I’ve had such great feedback on how it actually inspired some to pursue their own dreams (WIN)! I think with all the shit going down on this little planet of ours, we should all be trying to motivate and inspire others! Make love – Not War!

I’ve gotten up to quite a bit lately. I recently made the decision to try and release at least one video a week for the next couple of months, so I’ve been out and about performing at a whole range of epic events coupled with a bit of my own wheeling and dealing on the city streets. One of the greatest perks about doing this is the amount of people I get to meet. In one night of filming I can easily meet  80% of an entire club. Humans are so vast and different and when there is a camera crew following shortly behind, I see the craziest types:


The Group photo:

 This is almost guaranteed to happen on any given night – It’s sparked by one girl who notices the lights and camera headed her way, in a panic she rounds up her friends, who in turn rush into each of their respective photo positions (I’m almost sure is practiced at home as it happens at a ridiculous rate of efficiency and precision). This is followed by simultaneously dropping the maddest group pose and holding it for a good 45 seconds before realizing we are actually filming and not taking photos.  A quick magic trick puts a smile back on their utterly disappointed faces.

The Photo Bomber:

This guy (or groups of guys) can be spotted running in behind the group photo and holding a particularly odd face for the entire thing, quickly disappearing into the crowds once we drop the disappointment bomb.

The “WOOOO” guy:

We see this guy (or girl) randomly throughout the night – I’m unsure if he is the same guy or he is playing tag with others as it usually occurs while I’m performing . He basically comes from the shadows shouts “WOOOO” at the camera and disappears into the darkness. Three seconds of fame / five minutes of wasted footage.

The “do that to me” type

A very common occurrence, 95% of the time, a female. She appears as soon as I’m done doing a trick to somebody else , once the trick is over she pops out of nowhere and says “do that to me” … at this point I’ll do a different trick which in turn leads to another “do that to me” girl appearing and so the cycle continues. A bit like Déjà vu .


The Groupies

Distracted by the lights and camera she’s easily recognized by her first question, “Are you Famous?”. Found hanging around in close proximity during every trick -usually very friendly and outgoing.  After a magic trick she will, 9 times out of 10, want to buy us a tequila or 5. Uhmm … A kind and lovely soul. 

The “ Do that again” Type

Every magicians worst nightmare , these are the people who refuse to see a different trick and will insist on seeing the same one over and over until they have somehow decided they have figured it out. The best way out of this is to hope for a groupie with those tequilas!

And Finally


The TDFM’s  (Too Drunk For Magic)

This group of lovely people are the 20% of the club I try really hard not to perform to. They are the guys and girls who are so smashed they cannot even focus on standing , let alone remembering a card. On the odd occurrence that I end up showing them something, I’m faced with blank stares and utter confusion as it take on average 6 minutes for everything to register. Often proceeded by  “NAH!! Nah! Nooooo! , Let me … Sssshow you sshhhome magic tricks”. By now you can see how this is going to end so Ill leave it up to your imagination.

Although this is just a handful of what’s out there, at the end of the night this variety of awesome human beings is what makes my journey so interesting , Without them, performing magic would be boring. So thank you for being the annoyingly drunk fun party people that you are.

Here’s a little magic clip for taking the time to read this … Enjoy

–          G

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