GAMBIT – How to be a magician!!

Gambit - Photography by Sheldon Evans


Photo credit to: SHELDON EVANS

As a child my father was very good at handling a deck of cards , I’d sit for hours watching his hands as he performed a magic trick on me and my younger brother . I’d pay attention to the curves of his fingers as he would cut the deck in half and bury my chosen card somewhere deep in the middle of the pack. I’d watch closely to catch a glimpse of his clearly empty palms ensuring he wasn’t hiding anything. I’d study his fingers as they twisted the deck in a seamless flow as each cards shuffled into the next, making sure to note that the cards where actually interlocking. I’d pay close attention as he would lay the cards on the table , showing me empty hands and letting me shuffle the pack to make sure there was no “funny business”, then I’d watch as he clicked is fingers and my chosen card had disappeared, only to be found packed neatly into his old brown leather wallet in his back pocket. “How did you do that?” I’d ask … only to be answered with a cheeky smile and “ I dunno? Weren’t you watching?”.

Little did I know at the time that one day id be on the receiving end of that question – “how the hell did you do that?” To fully answer that question you’ll first need to understand the following…

GAMBIT - Shuffling cards

First things first…

Being good at something comes down to a few small factors, whether it be Sport, dancing, singing acting, speaking , writing or even things that people presume they either can or can’t do such as playing video games or cooking, to things as crazy as attracting the opposite sex. When it truly comes down to being good at anything two very important aspects need to come into play.

  • Practice & Passion
  • Failure & Courage

Ask anyone who is extremely skilled in any specific activity and they will tell you that they have done it for a very long time (if they don’t they’re fucking liars). They have put in many painstaking hours of practice. Nights and days at honing their craft until it has become no longer difficult but rather second nature. We hear it as kids “Practice makes perfect” except at that age it usually goes in one ear and gets beaten to death with by whatever else is occupying your overly hyperactive sugared up mind. The second part is they’ve failed many times along the way but they got back up and tried again.

Nobody walks up to a guitar and plays a solo that would make Jimi Hendrix cream his tight psychedelic pants if they’ve never played a guitar before (RIP JIMMY \m/). Instead they pick up the oddly shaped instrument unsure which way round it should be held, leading to 13 minutes of turning the thing over from left to right and then hitting all the strings with one hand in the most awkward up and down strumming motion you could possibly imagine, somewhat resembling the scene from scary movie when the caretaker uses his “strong hand” to stir up them mash potatoes. – MY GERMS!



If you have never approached a woman before and you suddenly try pick up the slightly drunk cute blonde who is standing at the bar waiting to be approached, chances are YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL. But … if you’ve approached 100 women – you should, by now, have an idea of how any conversation is going to go and how to steer it in the right direction before you even open your mouth, regardless if her first words are “Go Fuck yourself you dirty little pervert “ or “Hi .. I’m Mandy” . My point is you’ve experienced the same situation 100 times, you’ve felt the cold fear of the initial approach over and over again. You’ve failed numerous times but you went back and tried again. You (for lack of a better word) have “Practiced” thus giving you a better understanding of the concept of seduction and attraction.

If you ask me, the key to life hides in Practice and Courage. The more you do something, the better you become at it. The more we fail the more we learn. We look up to people and think they have been given this God given talent , that Ronaldinho just suddenly knew how to kick a ball and that Jim Carry was just born knowing how to be funny but in reality they have worked hard in of their respective fields. The reality is these people have stepped outside of their comfort zones and courageously worked through the fear and the anxiety that comes with trying something new . EVERYBODY is scared the first time they do something. I remember the first time I performed magic in public, watching me shuffle a deck of cards was like watching a person with arthritis trying to thread a needle – but even though every emotion and thought I had was trying to convince me that this was not for me – I just carried on and pushed through.

Gambit - Photography by Sheldon Evans

Photo credit to: SHELDON EVANS

The people that so many glorify on our movie screens have stepped outside of their anxiety , they’ve put themselves out there over and over again , failure after failure , mistake after mistake but they just kept doing it over and over again , and eventually they got really good at it. Sadly we only ever see the final result and not their journey of failure to success. People have written about it numerous times because they have seen the results and how it all works: We practice, we fail, we fight through the fear, we practice some more until we win. “You have to give before you get.”

So back to the question I hear a hundred times a night while I’m out of frying unsuspecting minds – “How the hell did I do that?” – My answer is simple.

“I dunno? Weren’t you watching?”

We hope that this little insight from the talented magician, GAMBIT, will give you the encouragement to go out there and give it a go!! Doesn’t matter in what field, go out and try, fail even, but never give up!!! PRACTICE & COURAGE MAKES PERFECT!!! – Mixed Apples

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