EASY FREAK Release Sophomore Album | no LIES

EASY FREAK Release Sophomore Album | no LIES

Popular Jozi-based duo, EASY FREAK have released their sophomore album entitled no LIES on Friday, 3 May 2019. The album comes after the release of their debut album, I’m Alright in 2017, and the release of the first single from the new album, called cometogether/uzobona featuring Darkie Fiction in March 2019.

no LIES was written throughout 2018, after the duo found inspiration in moving to Johannesburg. Self-produced by Dom and Jude and recorded at their home studio, no LIES was also mixed and mastered by Dom himself.

“The move up to Jozi meant a lot of good change for us; one being that we had a lot more time to put into our music. We feel like we’re improving as songwriters and producers and being in Jozi, broadening our reach into new communities and circles; that’s definitely inspired us. We’re in an exciting space as a group and we feel that it comes through in this album.” says Jude Kenrick.

The new offering features the signature EASY FREAK dancing groove which the duo has become known for which, combined with their dirty synths, delivers an enthralling music experience from start to finish. Growing as songwriters and producers since the release of their last album, EASY FREAK have firmly settled into who they are and what their sound is as musicians. Being able to put a lot more time and thought into the flow of the album compared to the last one, listeners will be captivated from the first track to the last.

“We always want to make people feel something with our music; we definitely feel like that’s gonna happen with ‘no LIES’.”

The universal and relatable themes of love and relationships can be heard throughout the album, as well as more feel-good tracks, and some writing around the space EASY FREAK is currently in as artists and their plans to take it to the top. They chose no LIES as the title track of the album, seeing as it is one of their favourite tracks to date.

“We feel that the process of that growth is what this album is about. We’re not holding anything back, not hiding anything – no lies.”

EASY FREAK Release Sophomore Album | no LIES

no LIES Track Listing:

1. rhythm n boo
Future beats inspired pop, rhythm n boo is an upbeat, groove-based tune about letting the music pull you into a feel-good space.

2. blow out
With an afro-Cuban undertone mixed in with a hip-hop feel, blow out will get you bouncing. It’s about having confidence in your self and letting people know that you’ve got what it takes.

3. cometogether/uzobona (ft. Darkie Fiction)
Written with Darkie Fiction in the middle of SA loadshedding darkness, come together lived up to its name. It’s a song about doing the most when we team up and believing in big things for the future.

4. no lies
With the love-themed lyrics and sweet melodies of no lies, the hip-hop, and groove-based beat knocks and offers an interesting contrast. Funk guitars overlay 808 basses and kids toy pianos, all culminating into a feel-good pop tune that’ll get you moving.

5. magic
Co-produced by Muzi, magic has a future beats sound full of groove and swing, pulling you off your feet. It’s about letting loose on the dance floor and letting someone know how you feel about them.

6. patience
The part of the album that takes it down a bit; but still keeps you grooving. This song is about loving someone and not giving up on them, but rather being patient and willing to wait. Quite beautiful.

7. options
One of our favourites on the album; this track is filled with emotion. It’s about the desire to pursue somebody you love and the doubts and self-reflection that comes with it.

8. lovin ya
Sometimes songs just fall into place without any hassle and that’s what happened with this track. You’d think that it’s a song about falling in love, but we actually wrote it about McDonald’s – our first love.

9. bounce (ft. Robin Thirdfloor)
This track features our incredibly talented homie Robin Thirdfloor. It’s got that future-beat inspired synth that’ll give you whiplash because it’s so dirty. This track is about showing a person that you’re into that you’re the one they should be with.

10. good times
The perfect way to end no LIES. This feel-good track is all about being yourself and not worrying about societal norms, but just having a good time being who you are, you know.

“We were privileged enough to collaborate with some of our favourite locals artists such as Darkie Fiction, Robin Thirdfloor, and Muzi and we haven’t been this excited about a release before. We can’t wait for people to hear what we’ve been working on. We really believe in the music we’ve written and we honestly love each and every song; we hope that everybody who listens to it does as well. We were able to stretch our musicality with this album which made it incredibly fun for us; we hope that the listeners can appreciate that too.”

Buy / Stream no LIES here: http://africori.to/nolies

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