Die Slaapkamer Sessies #2 _ Moeilikheid

Slaapkamer Sessies Week-2---Credit-Louise-Pieterse

photography by: Louise Pieterse

We were away at Oppikoppi over the long weekend experiencing the amazing festival atmosphere and awesome local and international music on offer, which is why we didn’t get to upload the Slaapkammer Sessies #2, so here we go:

Description of this episode:

I moved into a new flat over the weekend and that obviously provided me with a new bedroom.  I used a box for moving as a sort of makeshift kick drum.  The song, called Moeilikheid, is about passive aggression and not being able to voice things that upset you – which is often unhealthy.  So it has a bit of an aggressive edge.  When I wanted to shoot the first time my guitar case closed on my finger while I moved it.  It looked pretty bad at first, but band-aids made it possible to play again.  So I got some “Moeilikheid” while filming this one.

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