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Sage Francis is widely considered one of our generation’s greatest lyricists and he will be in South Africa in July and August performing 3 shows only as part of his ‘Going through Hell’ Tour. So you better get on down to :

– Freedom Cafe in Durban 31/07/2015

– Iron Tusk in Johannesburg 06/08/2015

– The Assembly in Cape Town 07/08/2015.

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Paul “Sage” Francis is a underground lyrical genius and a advocate for true hip-hop in this day and age, and the founder of ‘Strange Famous Records’ based in the USA. Intense flow and sharp wit, Francis has won acclaim both as a freestyle battler and as an unapologetic, intellectual lyricist. Francis uses a broad emotional palette to address a wide range of personal, cultural, and political issues. His unconventional style and persona have given him crossover appeal, but at the same time alienated some hip-hop listeners. But those that stuck around have had the absolute pleasure of watching his style grow and evolve both in his solo career as well as his ventures and collaborations with the likes of Slug, Eyedea, Sole and the Anticon Label, Reanimator, Fort Minor Apathy and so many more. Also featuring on the Anticon label a bunch of times and being affiliated with the underground super-group The Orphange and also with starting the group Art Official Intelligence. A career that has been running since the age of 12 according to artistdirect.com, when Francis use to sneak out of his folks house  to participate in rap battles. True dedication from a true artist.

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This will be one of those once in a life time shows to see here in South Africa. This article is focusing on the Johannesburg show. Its going to be EPIC!!!!! Going down at ‘Iron Tusk’ in Newtown, JHB (39 Gwigwi Mrwebi St. on the 06/08/2015. With a great venue and amazing local acts. Locals include :  Power of Thought, Yugen Blakrok, Soothsayers, Slege Lee, ThiNXx, S!ck and dj’s : Tha Cutt and Excerpt.  Beneath The Surface, dohiphop.com and Laleani Studios have banded together in collaboration with TheFilmGuys and Caps and Cans to make sure that Sage Francis appears on Jozi soil. This show is one not to miss. A poet, a prophet, a lyrical genius that you will tell your kids about. This is not to be missed!!!!!

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To find out more on this prolific artist of out generation, and find out more on Strange Famous Records visit – http://www.strangefamousrecords.com/sage-francis

To follow go to – https://www.facebook.com/SageFrancis?fref=ts

Check out the article about the Johannesburg gig here – dohiphop.com/2015/07/20/sage-francis-live-in-johannesburg-south-africa-6-august-2015/ and the event page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1609967845922214/

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