Climate Control Release “Little Mess” Music Video

Climate Control Release "Little Mess" Music Video

Climate Control is a post-hardcore/rock Johannesburg-based band, who have recently been doing some amazing work with a few exciting new singles and music videos.  After years of crafting and honing their sound and on stage performances, Climate Control have now gotten a very loyal and passionate fan base. Through hard work and unrepentant belief in what they do, the act has developed into one of the hottest bands on the South African music scene and a must-see live act.

They just recently released their latest music video, for the single LITTLE MESS, which focuses on lead singer/guitarist Nicolas Gonzalez as he walks through life, encountering some interesting characters along the way. The way we walk through life, meeting many interesting characters but not all are destined to align or fit in to your world. Watch the video now:

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