Bunk: Intergalactic Hook Up with Shadowclub.

Bunk: Intergalactic Hook Up with Shadowclub.

Bunk is back for round 3 and after some shadow boxing we start throwing heavy punches, some below the belt. We have partnered with The Grind Bar and Eatery and I love P Town to bring you a behemoth of a show. Live music and the Hatfield strip have now become properly acquainted and are ready to make a mess.

I’m on the road
I’m on the road towards your arms again
My heart is full
My eyes are full of tears to see you again
And we were born
And we were born to hook up every day

Shadowclub made their triumphant comeback in December 2018 but they have not yet played in real Pretoria, Bunk does not recognize Irene as Pretoria enough. Come see the boys back in town supported by some of Pretoria’s finest/wildest in Them Dirty Shrikes and Die Horries.

Bunk: Intergalactic Hook Up

2 March at The Grind Bar and Eatery
Die Horries
Them Dirty Shrikes
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/439909529881101/

R50 online tickets (limited to 200 tickets)
R60 last 100 tickets

Ticket Link: https://plankton.mobi/Events/EventBooking/21127372-b92e-e911-80c4-0cc47a93d288

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