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Brendon-SalzerWe have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of our friends in the industry and an amazingly talented photographer…Brendon Salzer. He is the man behind the lens of the rad blog Not Another Zebra. Take a look at the chat we had with him:

Brendon Salzer

BrendonSalzer_Eastern-CapeMA: Tell us about your journey to where you are today, a little bit of background on how you got started in photography?

My interest started in 2006 at my sisters wedding, I was handed an entry level SLR and told to go mad. I remember the first portrait I shot quite clearly. From there I got a point and shoot with manual mode and just started shooting a lot of random things. I was also part of a small photo club and learnt a lot there even though I didn’t have an SLR. From there I started to climb the ladder until I finally quit my design job in 2009 and decided to take on the world with my Canon 400D.

MA: What have been some of your influences in your career choice? 

Well I’m pretty bad with numbers…

MA: There are many amazing talented photographers in SA at the moment, what has you most excited about the industry at the moment?

Well I guess the people in it are pretty cool.. I generally find most other photographers are keen to chat about stuff. Its great knowing most people in your industry are down to earth.

BrendonSalzer_Slashdogs-1 BrendonSalzer_Selfie BrendonSalzer_RX8

MA: What would you say is your style of photography and what has inspired you into that specific direction?

To be quite honest I dont really think I have a style.. I tend to enjoy shooting so many different things that it’s quite diffecult to define myself in a style. I’m inspired a lot by the world around me, and tend to always seek out strange moments to capture. I guess I just love taking photographs, Haha.

MA: You are the photographer for Not Another Zebra, who we have a very close relationship with! Tell us a little bit more about NAZ and the part you play in it?

NAZ was started as a blog by Tyrone Kelly and myself. We started it as a platform to show people fresh and interesting stuff in a non generic way as well as keep us out of trouble. It’s still unfortunately a side project but It has been unbelievably successful so far and has taken us both to some incredible places. we have some awesome plans for the future that I’m super excited for, so keep them eyes peeled creeps! My role in NAZ is a little hard to define as it tends to stretch a lot further than “photographer”, I do a bit of graphics,”housekeeping”, editing, and occasionally have even been known to string a word or two together for an article. It has been a major part of my career as a photographer so far, and has allowed me to shoot some awesome people and events. I have also done things that I normally wouldn’t have to, And I love a challenge. I don’t think I would be where I am today if Tyrone and myself hadn’t started it.. NAZ a la muerte

MA: To date, what has been your best achievement as a photographer? 

Well, It would have to be getting a fisheye for my iPhone..

BrendonSalzer_RAmfest2013 BrendonSalzer_RAmfest2013 BrendonSalzer_RAmfest2013

MA: Is there anything you are working on that we would be interested in?

Lately I havn’t had tons of time for personal work, but I have been pretty interested in documentory photographs and have been shooting a lot of that sort of stuff. Empty places.. haha. But I am learning a bit about off camera flash, So will be trying to focus a bit on that in the near future, for all the camera nerds out there.

MA: Where do you see yourselves, career wise, in 5 years time? 

Well in 5 years time I hope to not still be spending every cent I earn on camera gear, haha! But really I dont know.. Hopefully travelling the world, seeing and photographing the juicy things it has to offer.

BrendonSalzer_PE BrendonSalzer_PE BrendonSalzer_CrocodileTears

MA: Where can people follow you?

Well instagram is the place I frequent the most.. And I’m trying to get more into facebook. Sorry Tweeps..

BrendonSalzer on the gram, Brendon Salzer photography on Facebooger.

MA: Lastly, if you could shoot any festival in the world, what would it be?

At this stage.. Burning man. It looks insane! I will get there eventually 🙂

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